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Max Verstappen’s Triumphant Return at Suzuka: Clinches Pole Position after Singapore Setback

Max Verstappen, after a challenging race in Singapore, has bounced back by clinching an “incredible” pole position at the Japanese Grand Prix. His gratitude towards the Japanese fans and confidence in the team’s preparations underscored his optimism for the race at Suzuka.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gratitude to Japanese Fans: Max Verstappen expressed heartfelt thanks to the passionate Japanese fans for their support, emphasizing the unique enthusiasm they bring to the F1 race weekend.
  • Confidence Despite Singapore Setback: Despite a tough weekend in Singapore, Verstappen’s confidence was evident. He hinted at strong pre-race preparations and a positive outlook for the Japanese GP.
  • Significance of Pole Position at Suzuka: Verstappen underscored the importance of qualifying at the top in Suzuka, acknowledging the Red Bull team’s efforts in improving the car incrementally throughout the qualifying session.

Following a less-than-ideal performance at the Singapore Grand Prix, Max Verstappen has made a commendable comeback, securing the pole position for the Japanese GP at Suzuka. The Red Bull Racing star was notably appreciative of the Japanese F1 fans, whose enthusiasm and support are well-known in the racing community.

“Yeah, I mean, first, I want to say a big thank you to all the fans, you know, supporting us already the whole weekend, everyone being so passionate about Formula One,” Verstappen said, reflecting his admiration for the fans’ spirit.

Verstappen also spoke about the exhilaration of pushing the car to its limits during the qualifying rounds, describing the experience as ‘really, really nice.’

“So thank you very much for coming and yeah, from our side, incredible weekend so far especially in qualifying when you can really push it to the limit. It felt really, really nice,” he added, highlighting his delight in the team’s performance.

Contrasting his experience in Singapore, Verstappen shared insights about the preparations leading up to the Japanese Grand Prix. Despite the challenges faced in Singapore, he maintained a positive attitude, bolstered by strong preparation for the race at Suzuka.

“Yeah, we had a bad weekend in Singapore, but I already felt from the preparation we had that this was going to be a good track. But you never really know how good it’s going to be,” Verstappen remarked.

The Dutchman praised his team’s efforts throughout the weekend, acknowledging the continuous improvements made to the car. Achieving pole position at Suzuka was not just a personal triumph for Verstappen but also a testament to his team’s dedication and hard work.

“But from lap one, it’s been really, really nice. And you try to find little improvements here and there and I think we did that. To be on pole here is fantastic,” Verstappen concluded, capping off his reflections with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the race ahead.

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