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Mercedes F1 Team’s Absence Sparks Controversy at Singapore Grand Prix

Why Were Mercedes Missing from Lewis Hamilton's Celebrations?

Formula 1 enthusiasts were left in bewilderment as the Singapore Grand Prix unfolded, not because of the intense on-track action, but due to the conspicuous absence of the Mercedes F1 team from the podium celebrations. Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, secured a respectable third place finish, yet it was the team’s absence that stole the spotlight.

This unexpected turn of events is not a one-off occurrence for Mercedes this season. Earlier in the year, during the Australian Grand Prix, fans witnessed a similar scenario unfold. On both occasions, instead of joining their star driver on the podium, the Brackley-based squad was noticeably missing in action.

Lewis Hamilton, adorned in his Mercedes attire, was left to celebrate alongside rivals from Ferrari and McLaren, specifically Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris. The sight of the seven-time champion standing shoulder to shoulder with drivers from opposing teams stirred emotions within the F1 community.

The absence of Mercedes from the podium celebrations has ignited a firestorm of controversy among fans and pundits alike. Questions abound regarding the motivations behind this unusual decision by the team. Is there discord within the Mercedes camp? Or are they sending a message to their star driver?

One prevailing theory suggests that the absence is a strategic move by Mercedes to distance themselves from Lewis Hamilton’s podium celebrations, perhaps indicating a subtle shift in the dynamics within the team. Others speculate that this could be a deliberate ploy to downplay the team’s achievements, focusing instead on their long-term goals and aspirations.

Whatever the underlying reason may be, one thing is undeniable – the absence of Mercedes from the podium celebrations has not gone unnoticed. Fans are eager for an explanation, and the F1 world is buzzing with speculations.

In conclusion, the Singapore Grand Prix podium celebrations brought an unexpected twist as the Mercedes F1 team chose to stay away from the limelight, leaving Lewis Hamilton to celebrate with his competitors. The team’s absence has raised numerous questions and ignited controversy within the F1 community, leaving us all eagerly awaiting an official statement or clarification from Mercedes.

“Very sad to see no Mercedes engineers out there celebrating the podium with lewis. Do you only support him when is winning? @MercedesAMGF1 

“Never forget, this man made you. he should have left and joined Ferrari. Merc don’t deserve his loyalty”

“Mercedes not showing up to celebrate with Lewis Hamilton winning a podium is a clownfest”

“This photo is just disheartening! While I understand that the crash by #GeorgeRussell was devastating for #Mercedes, and that #Russell is their bet for the future, they should’ve been there with #LewisHamilton for his podium. Lewis had their back 10 years”

“I am beyond upset with your treatment of SLH [Sir Lewis Hamilton]. How could you treat him so bad. What happened to SLH celebrations. Where were team. Have had enough of Russell. You allow it and encourage it. I am a Mercedes fan buy lots of merchandise. Now we ashamed wearing it because this”

“I thought he looked so down ,an opportunity lost I think as he could have won this race ,and disappointment no one at Mercedes seems to care about him anymore.”

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