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Mercedes’ George Russell Reveals 2023 Car Upgrades in Bid for Second Place

Amidst Red Bull's Dominance, Mercedes Strives to Elevate Russell and Hamilton with Upgrades

In a revealing interview, Mercedes’ George Russell announced forthcoming developments for the 2023 car. The news emerges amidst the Silver Arrows’ bid to lock down second place in the constructors’ championship.

Despite the continued dominance of Max Verstappen and Red Bull in 2023, George Russell discloses imminent upgrades for Mercedes as they aim to secure the runners-up spot in the constructors’ battle.

Russell has faced challenges this season, including crashing out in the Singapore Grand Prix and lagging behind teammate Lewis Hamilton by 71 points in the drivers’ standings.

Both Russell and Hamilton have committed to Mercedes until the end of 2025, and the onus now shifts to the team to provide a more competitive car for their star drivers. The 2023 season has undeniably been painted in the colours of Max Verstappen and Red Bull, but not far behind, Mercedes and their talented Brit, George Russell, are gearing up for a comeback.

“Yeah, I think we’ve made some good gains this season,” he shared. “I think it’s clear that we made some mistakes ahead of the 2022 season, and again over this winter, but I’m definitely confident that these mistakes are going to aid us and help us a lot for the future.”

Russell has candidly expressed his frustrations about a car that’s struggled to challenge the dominant Red Bulls consistently. Russell’s optimism isn’t unfounded. The tenacity of the Silver Arrows shines through their approach, acknowledging setbacks as necessary roadblocks guiding them on the right trajectory.

“And, you know, you need those setbacks, and you need those errors to set you on the right path. And I think, as a team, we’re incredibly motivated to get back to the top. And as I said, I think the lessons we’ve learned over these two years, will only help us in the years to come.”

With both Russell and Lewis Hamilton’s futures secured at Mercedes until the close of 2025, many have speculated if Mercedes has already shifted its gaze to 2024. It would seem logical, considering the next season could offer a level playing field for the duo to challenge Verstappen and Perez consistently. However, George Russell was clear in highlighting that Mercedes is not ready to wind down 2023 just yet.

“In all honesty, there’ll be a few more little things to come towards the end of the season, which will aid our learning into next season.”

It’s evident that Mercedes has its eyes on the prize, and with the duo of Russell and Hamilton in their stable, the future certainly looks promising.

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