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Mexican Grand Prix: Complete Guide to Watching FP1, FP2, and FP3 Sessions

The Mexican Grand Prix kicked off with Free Practice sessions, marking a return to the traditional weekend format. Fans tuned in globally to watch their favorite drivers in action, with eyes particularly on Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton as they battle for second in the drivers’ standings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Free Practice Sessions: The Mexican Grand Prix weekend began on Friday, October 27th, with Free Practice 1 starting at 12:30 local time. Free Practice 2 followed later in the day, and Free Practice 3 was scheduled for Saturday, October 28th.
  • Viewership Details: Fans from around the world had various options to watch the sessions. In the United States, ESPN broadcasted the Sky F1 feed and also offered live streaming via fuboTV. UK viewers could tune in through Sky Sports F1 or NowTV.
  • Championship Implications: Despite Max Verstappen and Red Bull securing the drivers’ and constructors’ titles, the race for second place was a major focus. Sergio Perez, racing in his home country, defended his second position against Lewis Hamilton, while Mercedes aimed to maintain their standing against Ferrari in the constructors’ race.

The Mexican Grand Prix, hosted at the iconic Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit, marked a significant event in the Formula 1 calendar, especially following the excitement of the back-to-back Sprint Race weekends in Qatar and Austin. This weekend returned to the traditional format, offering fans a familiar structure of Free Practice sessions leading up to the main race.

The highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the performance of drivers like Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton. Perez, racing on home soil, aimed to solidify his second position in the drivers’ standings against the formidable Hamilton. This added an extra layer of excitement to the weekend, as fans eagerly awaited to see if Perez could uphold his standing in front of his home crowd.

Mercedes, on the other hand, was in a tight contest with Ferrari for the second spot in the constructors’ standings. While Red Bull’s dominance in both drivers’ and constructors’ championships was already established, the battle for the remaining top positions added a competitive edge to the weekend.

The global reach of Formula 1 was evident in the viewing options available for fans worldwide. The United States audience enjoyed the Sky F1 feed through ESPN and fuboTV, while UK fans had access via Sky Sports F1 and NowTV. This extensive coverage ensured that enthusiasts from different time zones could experience the thrill of the race, from the opening Free Practice sessions to the final lap of the Grand Prix.

In summary, the Mexican Grand Prix provided not only a return to the beloved traditional format but also a stage for intense competition among top drivers and teams. The event was a testament to the global appeal and unceasing excitement of Formula 1 racing.

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