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Nico Rosberg’s Insights on Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s Contract Extensions at Mercedes

Former Mercedes F1 Driver Nico Rosberg Weighs in on the Implications and Strategy Behind the New Contracts

Ahead of last weekend’s Italian GP at Monza, Mercedes finally announced contract extensions for George Russell and Lewis Hamilton for a span of two years until the end of 2025. This announcement not only solidified Mercedes’ intentions but also put an end to the whirlwind of speculations and rumors that had been swirling around the contract situation.

Rosberg, an astute observer of the Formula 1 world, believes that these contract extensions will bring multiple benefits, not only for the team but also for their influential team principal, Toto Wolff. In a recent appearance on the Sky F1 podcast, Rosberg shared his insights into the matter.

“The contract extension has earned them two things,” Rosberg began. “Firstly, it provides stability for the team, knowing that they have two world-class drivers committed for the foreseeable future. This stability can work wonders in terms of team morale and focus. Secondly, it reaffirms Mercedes’ commitment to Formula 1, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to the sport.”

“Stability, calmness.

“It leads to uncertainty, even if the leadership, if Lewis hasn’t signed yet. It puts stress because what if Lewis prefers to go surfing at the beach? 

“Big problem. It puts stress on someone like Toto, who won’t show it because he’s an incredibly good negotiator and incredibly cold. But it puts stress.”

Rosberg also expressed his belief that Mercedes should draw inspiration from Red Bull’s RB19, which proved to be a game-changer in the 2019 season, as other teams scrambled to catch up. He emphasized the need for Mercedes to continuously evolve their car, specifically the W14, in order to regain their competitive edge.

“Citing McLaren’s example and the success it saw after implementing changes,” Rosberg added, “Mercedes should be open to innovative adjustments and relentless development. Formula 1 is an ever-evolving sport, and teams that adapt swiftly often reap the rewards.”

“Analyse the Red Bull car.

“Christian Horner was telling me that he thinks next year will be closer because everyone will copy their car. That was his thought after Monza.

“All teams need to do that, understand what Red Bull is doing and go down that route, as much as possible.

“That’s what McLaren did, to some extent, and it worked wonders straight away. All teams will do that. Also, understand what McLaren did to make such a jump, they’ve done an exceptional job.” 

Currently, Mercedes finds itself trailing behind Red Bull in the constructors’ championship standings, a position unfamiliar to the dominant German team in recent years. However, Rosberg believes that with the right strategies and a commitment to innovation, Mercedes can close the gap and once again challenge for the top spot in Formula 1.

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