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Pierre Gasly Reveals Insights on His Abu Dhabi Helmet, Tribute to François Cevert, and Anticipates Changes in Alpine for 2024

In a recent exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated, Pierre Gasly delved into the fascinating world of Formula 1, discussing his unique fan-designed helmet for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and paying homage to François Cevert. Gasly also shared his thoughts on the upcoming changes in the Alpine team for the 2024 season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Global Helmet Design Contest: Gasly partnered with Binance for a worldwide contest to design his helmet for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The winning design, chosen from over 700 entries, impressed Gasly with its originality and the incorporation of Binance branding.
  • Tribute to François Cevert and Interaction with Sir Jackie Stewart: The French driver paid tribute to Cevert at the Austin Grand Prix with a special helmet design and raised funds for the François Cevert Collège in France. Gasly expressed his honor in recreating Cevert’s design and recounted a memorable conversation with Sir Jackie Stewart about Cevert’s legacy.
  • Anticipation for the 2024 Season with Alpine: Gasly is optimistic about the improvements in the Alpine car for the next season, aiming for more podium finishes and victories. He emphasized his commitment to the team and shared his preparation strategy for the upcoming season.

Pierre Gasly, Alpine’s star driver, has always been known for his unique approach to Formula 1, both on and off the track. His recent collaboration with Binance for a helmet design contest is a testament to his innovative spirit. The contest, which drew global attention with entries from over 140 countries, resulted in a helmet design that not only reflected Gasly’s personal style but also seamlessly integrated Binance’s branding.

Gasly’s approach to selecting the winning design was meticulous. He was particularly drawn to the design’s adaptation to the unique characteristics of the Abu Dhabi night race, especially the golden details that made it stand out. This level of attention to detail and appreciation for creativity underscores Gasly’s deep connection with his fans and the sport.

The tribute to François Cevert was another highlight of Gasly’s recent endeavors. By recreating Cevert’s helmet design for the Austin Grand Prix, Gasly not only honored a French racing icon but also contributed to a charitable cause. His conversation with Sir Jackie Stewart added depth to this tribute, bringing to light the rich history and camaraderie in the world of Formula 1.

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, Gasly is enthusiastic about the potential improvements in the Alpine car. His first year with the team has been a period of adaptation and learning, and he is now more committed than ever to achieving great results. His goals for the season are clear: win races and challenge for podiums. His preparation, grounded in hard work and dedication, reflects his ambition and determination to excel.

Gasly’s off-season plans are a mix of family time, training, and charity work, showcasing his balanced approach to life as a top-level athlete. He remains focused on the upcoming challenges with Alpine, determined to improve and succeed in the highly competitive world of Formula 1.

In the larger context of the sport, Gasly commented on Alpine’s discussions with Andretti Cadillac and the potential expansion of the F1 grid. He sees this as a positive development, offering more opportunities for junior drivers and reflecting the growing value of Formula 1. As the sport evolves, Gasly’s insights and contributions continue to be integral to its dynamic and captivating nature.

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