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Red Bull Dominates Formula 1 Prize Money Allocation After Clinching Constructors’ Championship

Understanding the Distribution and Bonuses That Make Red Bull the Frontrunner in Formula 1 Earnings

As half of Formula 1’s profits are allocated to the teams, Red Bull claims a significant portion of the prize money by clinching the Constructors’ Championship this season. While the exact prize money figure remains undisclosed, a rough estimate can provide insights into the earnings of each team.

The payouts to the teams have increased since 2017 after the takeover of Liberty Media, which ensures that the prize money is distributed more fairly in the current Concorde Agreement.

Several teams also receive a bonus. For instance, Ferrari supposedly receives 5% of the prize money as a bonus because they have been present in F1 since the sport came to life, which sums up to roughly $50 million a year. In addition, teams that have been successful in recent years will also earn extra bonuses.

Coming to the prize money, the winners received around 20% of the total while those who finished 10th got 6% as per previous agreements. Currently, the winners are set to receive 14% while those who are tenth still receive 6%.

While the precise payouts remain undisclosed, interviews and analysis offer a basis for estimating this year’s prize money. After accounting for all bonuses, approximately one billion dollars in prize money will be available for distribution among the teams.

Red Bull stands as the team with the largest share of prize money from the current season. Max Verstappen’s efforts played a pivotal role in securing the title for the team, leading to an estimated $140 million in prize money.

However, Haas is projected to accumulate approximately $60 million with a tenth-place finish. The allocation of prize money is estimated to follow the following ratio, as reported by

  1. Red Bull – $140 million/£111 million.
  2. Mercedes – $131 million/£103 million.
  3. Ferrari – $122 million/£97 million.
  4. McLaren – $113 million/£89 million.
  5. Aston Martin – $104 million/£82 million.
  6. Alpine – $95 million/£75 million.
  7. Williams – $87 million/£68 million.
  8. AlphaTauri – $78 million/£62 million.
  9. Alfa Romeo – $69 million/£54 million.
  10. Haas – $60 million/£47 million.

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