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Red Bull Leads in Estimated F1 2023 Season Earnings, with Teams Sharing a Billion-Dollar Prize Pool

In the high-stakes world of Formula 1 racing, Red Bull has emerged as the top earner for the 2023 season, with teams collectively sharing an estimated prize pool of around one billion dollars. This financial distribution reflects the sport’s growing success under Liberty Media’s stewardship and the current Concorde Agreement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red Bull’s Dominance: Red Bull Racing, bolstered by Max Verstappen’s stellar performance, is estimated to receive the lion’s share of the prize money, amounting to approximately $140 million. This significant payout is a testament to the team’s success in clinching the Constructors’ Championship.
  • Fair Distribution and Bonuses: The prize money distribution in F1 has become more equitable since Liberty Media took over in 2017. Teams are rewarded not only based on their current season’s performance but also receive bonuses for historical presence and recent success, with Ferrari reportedly earning an additional $50 million for their longstanding involvement in the sport.
  • Estimated Earnings for Each Team: The estimated earnings for F1 teams in 2023 reveal a wide range of payouts, with Red Bull at the top and Haas at the bottom, receiving around $60 million for their tenth-place finish. The distribution, as reported by, highlights the financial incentives tied to team performances in the sport.

The prize money in Formula 1 has always been a topic of intrigue and speculation, especially since the actual figures are kept under wraps. However, based on the sport’s revenue-sharing model, half of F1’s profits are allocated to the teams, providing a rough estimate of their earnings. This model has seen a more equitable distribution since the introduction of the current Concorde Agreement.

The financial landscape of F1 has been significantly reshaped following Liberty Media’s takeover in 2017. The media company has ensured a fairer distribution of prize money, which has been a boon for the sport and its participating teams.

In addition to the base prize money determined by their standings, several teams enjoy additional bonuses. Ferrari’s unique status as a long-standing participant in Formula 1 garners them a substantial bonus, further cementing their financial and competitive clout in the sport.

The distribution of prize money is intricately linked to the teams’ performances, with the 2023 season seeing a shift in how these payouts are allocated. Previously, the winning team received around 20% of the total, while the team in the tenth position got 6%. However, under the new system, the winners now receive 14%, maintaining the 6% for the tenth spot.

In conclusion, the financial dynamics of Formula 1 continue to evolve, with teams vying not only for racing glory but also for a significant share of the lucrative prize pool. The estimated earnings for the 2023 season provide a fascinating glimpse into the rewards of success in this elite motorsport arena.

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