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Aston Martin Calls for Consistency in FIA’s Handling of Max Verstappen’s Impeding Incidents

The Controversy Surrounding Verstappen's Qualifying Incidents Prompts Aston Martin to Demand Fairness in Formula 1 Penalties

Aston Martin has voiced its discontent with the FIA’s approach to addressing Max Verstappen’s impeding actions during the Singapore Grand Prix qualifying session. In a call for greater consistency in the application of Formula 1 rules, the team expressed concern over the lenient response to Verstappen’s alleged impeding incidents.

The Red Bull driver found himself at the center of controversy as he was allegedly involved in not one, but three separate impeding incidents during the qualifying session. Astonishingly, despite these transgressions, Verstappen managed to avoid a grid penalty. Instead, he received two reprimands and a fine of €5000.

What raised eyebrows within the Formula 1 community was the mild punishment meted out to Verstappen. Historically, similar incidents on the track have led to three-place grid penalties. Yet, in this instance, Verstappen was involved in two on-track impeding incidents, one with Yuki Tsunoda and another with Logan Sargeant. Additionally, he was embroiled in a pit lane incident that obstructed several cars behind his RB19 from entering the track.

Of particular concern was the incident involving Tsunoda, where Verstappen’s actions forced the AlphaTauri driver to abandon his qualifying attempt. Critics argued that this incident warranted a more severe grid drop penalty, consistent with actions taken in similar situations throughout the season. However, Verstappen received only a single reprimand for this particular incident.

What further fueled suspicions of preferential treatment was Verstappen’s radio communication during the race. He casually remarked that he didn’t mind starting from the 11th, 15th, or even last position on the grid, implying a certain indifference to potential penalties.

Adding to the controversy, it was noted that no AlphaTauri representative was present during the meeting with the race stewards. However, it later came to light that AlphaTauri had not received an official summons from the FIA, dispelling the notion of a conspiracy.

In response to these developments, Aston Martin’s performance director, Tom McCullough, expressed his desire for greater consistency in how penalties are applied to drivers. McCullough emphasized the need for equitable treatment and adherence to established rules and precedents.

“The stewards have all of the information.

“From our side when you’ve been impeded, it’s frustrating.

“What we really want is consistency.”

Regrettably for Aston Martin, the Singapore Grand Prix marked the first race of the season in which the team failed to secure any championship points. Lance Stroll’s inability to participate in the race due to injury during qualifying, coupled with Fernando Alonso’s struggles to match the pace of the competition, resulted in a challenging weekend for the team. Alonso ultimately finished in 15th place, leaving Aston Martin to reflect on the need for fairness and consistency in Formula 1’s regulatory processes.

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