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Red Bull Racing Ventures into Hypercar Market with the RB17, Designed by F1 Mastermind Adrian Newey

In a bold move blending the worlds of Formula 1 and luxury vehicles, Red Bull Racing has announced its first hypercar, the RB17, designed by aerodynamics wizard Adrian Newey. With an exclusive production of only 50 units and a hefty price tag of £5 million, the RB17 marks Red Bull’s ambitious foray into the road car industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • A New Chapter for Red Bull and Adrian Newey: Adrian Newey, renowned for his success in Formula 1 car design, extends his expertise to the road car market with the RB17. This hypercar symbolizes a new venture for both Newey and Red Bull, previously collaborating on the Valkyrie hypercar with Aston Martin.
  • Christian Horner’s Insight: Red Bull Racing’s team principal, Christian Horner, provided insights into the genesis of the RB17 project. He highlighted the role of Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT) and the necessity of such projects to retain resources under F1’s budget cap era.
  • Technical Features and Exclusivity: Red Bull Advanced Technologies’ technical director, Rob Gray, compared the RB17 to F1 cars in terms of engineering principles. Emphasizing the car’s exclusivity and low production volume, Gray revealed that only 50 units will be built, most of which are already pre-sold.

In the high-stakes world of Formula 1, innovation and technology are paramount, and Red Bull Racing is no stranger to pushing boundaries. The announcement of the RB17 hypercar not only marks a significant expansion for the team but also showcases the versatile genius of Adrian Newey. Having already left a formidable mark on the F1 circuit with his aerodynamic designs, Newey’s foray into the hypercar market is a testament to his broad-ranging design prowess.

Christian Horner, speaking to Autocar, shed light on the project’s origins and its importance in the current F1 landscape. “Adrian wanted to do a car [for us] back in 2014, and at that point in time, we found a route through that by doing all the design work for the Valkyrie in partnership with Aston Martin,” Horner explained. He further elaborated on the learnings from the Valkyrie project and how it fuels the RB17’s development.

The RB17 is not just another hypercar; it’s a strategic move by Red Bull to diversify and utilize its expertise in advanced technologies, especially in the era of F1’s budget cap. This cap necessitates creative avenues to maintain and justify resources, and the RB17 serves as a perfect embodiment of this philosophy.

Rob Gray, the technical director of Red Bull Advanced Technologies, revealed fascinating details about the RB17. He emphasized the parallels between the hypercar and an F1 car, particularly in engineering principles. “Most of this car, the core, we are capable of building in-house. That’s why we have such a low volume target,” said Gray. He also stressed the intent to complement the internal combustion engine with hybrid technology, rather than overshadow it.

This ambitious project by Red Bull Racing, with only 50 units in production, most of which are already spoken for, sets a new precedent in the hypercar market. It not only exemplifies the transfer of F1 technology to road cars but also marks a significant milestone for Red Bull Racing, as they extend their expertise beyond the racetrack. The RB17, priced at a staggering £5 million, is not just a car; it’s a statement of technological advancement and exclusivity, blending the adrenaline of F1 with the luxury of high-end road vehicles.

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