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Red Bull Racing’s RB20 Poised for Unprecedented Domination in 2024 F1 Season, Says Test Driver Jake Dennis

Red Bull Racing’s test driver, Jake Dennis, predicts a dominant 2024 Formula 1 season for the team, with the RB20 showing promising signs of superiority. His insights hint at a potentially less competitive championship, dominated by Red Bull’s advanced development and speed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red Bull’s Advantage in Speed and Development: Jake Dennis, who has been integral to Red Bull Racing since 2018, anticipates a standout performance by the team in 2024, thanks to their advanced RB20 car.
  • Early Focus on the RB20 Car: Red Bull’s success with the RB19 in the previous season enabled them to concentrate on the 2024 car earlier than other teams, giving them a significant advantage.
  • Boost for Formula E’s Popularity: Dennis notes that the predictability in Formula 1, primarily due to Max Verstappen’s dominance, could shift viewers’ interest towards Formula E, known for its tighter races and competitive nature.

In an exclusive interview with Mirror Sport, Red Bull’s simulator driver and Formula E champion Jake Dennis provided valuable insights into the team’s preparations for the upcoming season. He remarked, “We’ve got an extremely fast race car again at the Red Bull team. I would expect us to become champions again, unless someone like Ferrari or Mercedes somehow manages to find about a second [per lap] overnight. I think it’s going to be quite a dull season in Formula 1 with Max probably dominating.”

Dennis also highlighted the team’s strategic approach to the 2024 season, “We didn’t do any development on the 2023 car after Singapore.” This tactic allowed Red Bull to channel their resources and focus on the RB20, potentially giving them a considerable edge over their competitors.

His comment on Formula 1’s predictability sheds light on an interesting dynamic. “It’s so dominant from Max right now, it really brings new viewers to Formula E. It brings our championship alive because we just don’t have that – we have a championship which is extremely difficult and close.” Dennis suggests that the dominance of Verstappen and Red Bull in Formula 1 could inadvertently boost the popularity of Formula E, a series celebrated for its competitive racing and unpredictability.

Jake Dennis’ experience as a test driver gives him a unique vantage point on Red Bull’s strengths and the overall landscape of Formula 1 racing. His predictions for the 2024 season, based on the early development of the RB20 and Red Bull’s remarkable performance in the previous season, signal another year of potential dominance for the team. In 2023, Max Verstappen’s extraordinary tally of 19 wins out of 22 races set a new standard in Formula 1. The question remains: can anyone challenge Red Bull’s supremacy in 2024, or will the RB20 solidify their position at the pinnacle of motor racing?

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