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Red Bull Reserve Driver Liam Lawson: A Rising Star on Williams’ Radar for the 2024 F1 Season

Former F1 Driver Karun Chandhok Endorses Lawson's Potential alongside Alex Albon

In the world of Formula 1, talent has a way of emerging from the shadows and capturing the spotlight. One such talent making waves lately is none other than Red Bull’s reserve driver, Liam Lawson. With his recent performances, it’s no wonder that former F1 driver Karun Chandhok believes Williams should seriously consider him for a seat in their F1 car alongside Alex Albon for the 2024 season.

Liam Lawson’s journey into the limelight began when he stepped into Daniel Ricciardo’s seat after the AlphaTauri driver suffered a serious left Metacarpal injury during the Dutch Grand Prix weekend. Joining as Yuki Tsunoda’s third teammate this season, the 21-year-old Kiwi has left a significant mark in Formula 1 since his entry in Zandvoort.

One of his standout moments came during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, where Lawson navigated the challenging Marina Bay Street Circuit with finesse. He not only made it to Q3 but also managed to overtake his Red Bull senior teammates. On race day, Lawson clinched a commendable P9, securing his first points in Formula 1. In stark contrast, his teammate Tsunoda was forced to retire in the second lap. These accomplishments have unquestionably placed Liam Lawson on AlphaTauri’s radar for a potential full-time role in the upcoming season.

However, the intrigue doesn’t stop there. With Logan Sargeant feeling the pressure, Karun Chandhok believes that Williams should seriously contemplate the prospect of signing Liam Lawson for the 2024 season. Chandhok, a former F1 driver, shared his thoughts with Sky Sports F1, emphasizing the potential Lawson holds for the sport.

Chandhok stated, “With Ricciardo’s injury requiring time to heal after surgery, Lawson finds himself performing his duties as usual. He’s set to take the wheel at Suzuka this weekend, and perhaps even at the Qatar Grand Prix on October 8th. Interestingly, Lawson has recently mentioned to the press that he remains uncertain about his plans for the 2024 season.”

“If I was Williams, I would definitely be looking at Liam Lawson.

“You’ve got to have the conversation, haven’t you? Because, you know, Albon’s out-qualified Sargeant on every occasion, he has had scored all the points so far for Williams.

“If you are Williams, you should be shopping around and Liam Lawson has put himself on the market in a very good way.”

In Formula 1, success often hinges on seizing opportunities when they arise. Liam Lawson’s rapid ascent through the ranks, coupled with his impressive performances, undoubtedly make him a contender worth considering for Williams. As the 2024 season approaches, the motorsport world eagerly awaits to see where this rising star will shine.

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