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Red Bull’s Helmut Marko Faces Backlash for Racial Slur Against Sergio Perez in Explosive Interview

Controversy Erupts as Motorsport Advisor Sparks Outrage within the Formula 1 Community

In a fresh controversy boiling within the Red Bull F1 team, the team’s motorsport advisor, Helmut Marko, has faced severe backlash on the internet for his racial slur against team driver Sergio Perez during an interview with Servus TV.

Sergio Perez, the Mexican driver, stands as one of the most talented racers in the world of Formula 1, boasting a career studded with numerous podium finishes. Recently, Perez clinched a commendable second-place finish at the Italian Grand Prix, trailing race leader Max Verstappen by a mere six seconds. However, despite his remarkable achievements, Perez often finds himself at the center of relentless comparison, particularly by Helmut Marko, who seemingly seizes every opportunity to make comments that appear to undermine him.

Interestingly, Marko’s viewpoint diverges from that of the team principal, Christian Horner, who is inclined to retain Perez until the end of his contract in 2024. Marko, on the other hand, seems eager not to wait that long. In a recent interview, he articulated his concerns about Perez’s inconsistency this season, subtly suggesting that McLaren driver Lando Norris might be the ideal candidate to replace him. Nevertheless, it was during this interview that Marko veered into controversial territory, making an eyebrow-raising racial slur.

Marko remarked, “…” (Note: The quote remains unchanged as per your instructions).

Despite his racial comment, Marko did acknowledge Perez’s strong personality and mental fortitude, which enables him to compete fiercely alongside teammate Max Verstappen. However, fans have chosen not to overlook Marko’s offensive remark and have expressed their anger on social media platforms, particularly X. Many are calling for Marko’s resignation, while others have taken it upon themselves to educate him about his geographical error.

“He is South American and [that’s why his] head is not as focused as Max’s or Sebastian’s.”

One passionate fan exemplified how geographical boundaries hold no bearing on talent. Despite the uproar on social media, Red Bull has yet to release an official statement addressing Marko’s controversial remarks.

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