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Red Bull’s Horner Highlights Challenges at Las Vegas GP: Calls for Future Adjustments

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, recently concluded, evoked a mixed response from Red Bull’s Christian Horner. He praised the event’s scale but underscored the need for changes in scheduling and race conditions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Criticism and Challenges: The Las Vegas Grand Prix was criticized for its extreme temperatures and inconvenient scheduling. Max Verstappen, among others, voiced dissatisfaction with the Grand Prix’s timing.
  • Horner’s Mixed Reaction: While appreciating the grand spectacle and public interest, Christian Horner agreed with the criticisms. He pointed out the strenuous schedule as a significant burden for teams and staff.
  • Future Improvements Suggested: Horner proposed earlier race times for future Las Vegas Grand Prix events. This change aims to enhance comfort for teams and align better with American audiences.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, set against the city’s famed backdrop of glitz and entertainment, concluded with varied opinions. The event lived up to its expectations in terms of spectacle and engaging a wide audience. Yet, it also highlighted several areas in need of improvement, particularly concerning the schedule and race conditions.

Red Bull team chief Christian Horner spoke candidly to about his experience and thoughts on the event. He emphasized the intense schedule that the teams had to endure. “I think one of the things we look at is the running schedule because it’s been brutal for the team, and all the men and women behind the scenes. I think everybody’s leaving Vegas slightly f***ed,” Horner expressed.

His suggestions for future events included a reconsideration of the race timings. “We need to look at how we can improve that for the future. We’re running so late at night, so maybe we run it a little earlier in the evening. You’re never going to keep every television audience totally happy. This is an American race, so if you run at eight o’clock in the evening, or something like that, it would just be a bit more comfortable for all,” Horner added.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, while a spectacle, clearly highlighted the balance that needs to be struck between the grandeur of F1 events and the practicalities of race scheduling. The feedback from influential figures like Christian Horner is invaluable in shaping future iterations of such high-profile races, ensuring they not only captivate audiences but also remain feasible and enjoyable for the teams and staff involved.

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