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Red Bull’s Las Vegas Fan Livery Unveiled: A Visual Spectacle at the Inaugural Grand Prix

In a stunning display of fan engagement, Red Bull Racing has showcased its special Las Vegas-themed livery, designed by a fan, for the upcoming inaugural Grand Prix. The striking design, a product of the Make Your Mark competition, will adorn the RB19s of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, adding an extra layer of excitement to the much-anticipated race.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fan-Driven Design: The Las Vegas livery, a result of Red Bull’s unique Make Your Mark competition, was created by Lindsay Palmer from Essex, UK. Her design features a vibrant purple base with neon lights in purple and yellow, inspired by the iconic Las Vegas casinos and bright lights, ensuring the RB19 stands out on the track.
  • Integration of Vegas Elements: Palmer’s design brilliantly captures the essence of Las Vegas, incorporating elements like playing cards and neon lights into the livery. The design is a fitting tribute to the city’s famous Strip, with the PokerStars ‘Poker Chip’ design on the wheels complementing the overall theme.
  • Red Bull’s Fan Engagement Initiative: This livery marks the culmination of Red Bull’s Make Your Mark competition, which saw fan-designed liveries featured in all three U.S. races this season. Team Principal Christian Horner praised the initiative for bringing fans closer to the team and highlighted the unique challenge and excitement of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

In an exciting turn of events, Red Bull Racing has once again put fans at the forefront with its latest fan-designed livery, unveiled for the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. This initiative, part of the Make Your Mark competition, saw fans across the globe submitting designs for the RB19 race cars. The winning design by Lindsay Palmer from Essex, UK, has now been revealed, showcasing a purple base with mesmerizing neon lights in purple and yellow, capturing the essence of Las Vegas’s vibrant nightlife.

Palmer expressed her exhilaration at seeing her design come to life, “I was so excited to be selected as the winner for Make Your Mark Las Vegas and was completely lost for words when I won,” she said. Her design not only embodies the electric atmosphere of Las Vegas but also includes creative elements such as playing cards, echoing the city’s famed gambling culture.

The RB19’s wheels further emphasize the Las Vegas theme, featuring a PokerStars ‘Poker Chip’ design that aligns with the Strip’s aesthetic. The design, sporting the PokerStars Red Spade, adds a unique touch to the overall livery, enhancing the visual appeal of the cars as they race through the streets of Las Vegas.

Christian Horner, Red Bull Team Principal, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, “It is brilliant to be rounding off our third and final Make Your Mark competition this season here in Nevada for the inaugural Las Vegas GP,” he said. Horner emphasized the importance of fan involvement in the sport and the excitement surrounding the Las Vegas race. He lauded the success of the Make Your Mark competition in bringing fans closer to the heart of the team, celebrating the fan-designed livery as a highlight of the final US race of the season.

This initiative has not only provided a platform for fan creativity but has also allowed for a unique connection between the fans and the sport, as they witness their designs speeding down the race track. As the Formula 1 world gears up for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the anticipation is heightened by the prospect of seeing this special fan-designed livery in action, under the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

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