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Red Bull’s Sergio Perez Anticipates a Challenging Yet Rewarding Qatar Grand Prix

Red Bull Racing’s Sergio Perez anticipates a unique and potentially challenging experience at the upcoming Qatar Grand Prix. His insights reveal a blend of optimism and caution, based on recent performances and the distinct conditions expected at the Losail International Circuit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adaptability and Strategy: Sergio Perez expressed strong confidence in his team’s ability to adjust to the varying conditions expected in Qatar. He emphasized the team’s readiness for the challenges posed by the sandy track during the first practice session (FP1) and the shift to a nighttime qualifying session.
  • Reflections on Asian Races: Perez openly discussed the difficulties encountered in recent Asian races, particularly in Singapore and Suzuka. Despite these setbacks, he maintained a positive outlook and highlighted the lessons learned from these experiences.
  • Team Analysis and Expectations: Following a comprehensive review after the Suzuka race, the Red Bull team acknowledged certain missteps in their car setup and strategy. This has led Perez to anticipate a more “straightforward weekend” in Qatar, suggesting a confident approach to the upcoming race.

During the recent Drivers’ Press Conference, Tom Clarkson posed a question to Perez regarding the RB19’s potential performance at the Losail International Circuit, considering its similarities to Suzuka. Perez replied confidently, “Yeah, I think so. I do believe that it’s going to be a similar trend in high speed, with a lot of high speed content. Obviously, conditions of the track are going to be very different and it’s going to be an interesting weekend, with FP1 and then straight into qualifying.”

Perez elaborated on the expected track conditions, predicting a significant slowdown due to sand, “We will probably find three seconds slower track in FP1 with all the sand on it. So, it will be an interesting one, also going into the night for Quali. I do expect a very interesting weekend overall.”

Reflecting on the challenges during the Asian leg of the season, Perez was transparent about his struggles, “Yeah, Asia wasn’t good for me at all. Singapore and obviously Suzuka. But I think we’ve learned a lot about what went wrong in Suzuka. So, I do expect to be in a much better position this weekend.”

When asked about the team’s learnings post-Suzuka, Perez revealed insights into their approach, “Yeah, it’s mainly the direction we took with the set-up of the car. We over-planned a few things, and now looking back at it, we do understand where it went wrong. And yeah, I really hope that we are able to have a much straightforward weekend here.”

Perez’s remarks not only showcase his and the team’s resilience but also their ability to learn from past races. This weekend’s Qatar Grand Prix promises to be a pivotal moment for Red Bull Racing, as they continue to navigate the demanding and ever-evolving world of Formula 1 racing. With Perez at the helm, the team appears ready to tackle the unique challenges of the Losail International Circuit, setting the stage for what could be an eventful and memorable race.

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