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The Grand Tour Season 2 Details Revealed in DriveTribe Facebook Live Stream

On the afternoon of February 8th, James, Richard and Jeremy went live on DriveTribe to answer questions from fans both in the live audience and from social media. Questions ranged in topic from Amazon’s on set catering to feelings on vintage cars. Two questions that may be of particular interest to Grand Tour fans: when do they start filming series two, and when will it be out?

At first Richard and James looked a little reluctant to comment, but Jeremy took the lead on the question, saying that they are deep in the planning process at the moment. He also mentioned that they are planning to have the series come out later this year, and joked that, even if premieres on December 31st, it would be out this year. James then added that it  “It will go out this year at the same time the last one went out…whenever that was.” Sounds like November to us!


So, when does filming start? Well, it’ll have to be soon if they want to put series two out by the end of the year, and Hammond confirmed that they will be on the road again soon. Jeremy shared that they will be heading to Africa at the end of February, and then they are visiting America. He also mentioned they will be going to Georgia, though not the “rainy nights in” one, a reference to the Brooke Benton song Rainy Night In Georgia. This would seem to imply that won’t be in Atlanta any time soon. Rather, they will be filming in Georgia the country, which shares borders Russia, Turkey and the Black Sea.


Any other secrets? One French audience member asked the trio if they would be pitching the tent in France? The immediate answer was “never”, because as Jeremy explained, he and Richard both went to France once and had their driving licenses taken away. This was in reference to a special episode of Top Gear called “The Perfect Road Trip”, where Clarkson and Hammond did, in fact, lose their licenses and had to hitchhike home. Plus they were charged a rather suspicious fine (all of the money they had with them at the time). They were only joking though, and told the man that, in fact, they had decided the day before that they would be filming in France during the next series.


So there you have it. The planning stages for series two of The Grand Tour are nearly at an end and filming will begin soon. As soon as the end of the month in fact, as they will be in Africa. Next it’s on to America and then to Georgia (again, the country, not the state) and at some point, they’ll be back in France.

We still don’t know an exact release date, but just knowing that we only have to wait to the end of this year (or maybe even as soon as November) is enough to pull us through!

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  1. I rather would like to know if they ever plan on pitching the tent down in Australia. A lot of opportunities down here for them, not just in Australia but pretty much all that Oceania countries have to offer.

  2. So when will you GT the greatest show of all, going to be at the greatest city of all Lisbon Portugal ?

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