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Red Bull’s Social Media Faux Pas Sparks Perez Exit Rumours, Fans and Media React

In a recent social media post by Red Bull, the exclusion of driver Sergio Perez in favor of an image featuring Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo has led to widespread media outrage and speculation about Perez’s future in the team. This move, seen as a snub to the current driver, has not only angered fans but also fueled rumors of Perez’s potential exit from Red Bull.

Key Takeaways:

  • Controversial Image Choice: Red Bull’s post celebrating Spa-Francorchamps with an image of Verstappen and Ricciardo, excluding current driver Perez, has sparked significant discontent and questions, especially from Mexican and Spanish-language media.
  • Strong Media Reactions: Outlets like LaSexta and W Deportes have expressed strong displeasure, with LaSexta accusing Red Bull of showing “total contempt” for Perez, and W Deportes urging Perez to “run away” from the team.
  • Fan Discontent and Rumor Mill: The decision to use an old image not featuring Perez has not only drawn media ire but also left fans upset, further fueling rumors about Perez’s uncertain future with Red Bull.

Red Bull Racing, known for its strong presence in Formula 1, recently faced backlash over a social media post. The post, intended to celebrate the contract renewal of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, used an image that surprisingly omitted current driver Sergio Perez, instead featuring Max Verstappen alongside former Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo. This choice has caused a stir, particularly among Mexican and Spanish-speaking audiences, leading to widespread media critique and fan dissatisfaction.

Spanish TV channel LaSexta was vocal about the issue, stating, “Red Bull’s drivers are Max Verstappen and Checo Perez. Well, to celebrate Spa staying on the calendar until 2025, the team has used an image showing Daniel Ricciardo!” This statement, laden with incredulity, underscored the perceived slight against Perez, describing the act as showing “total contempt” for the Mexican driver.

Similarly, Mexican sports broadcaster W Deportes expressed their support for Perez in no uncertain terms: “Run away Sergio, you don’t deserve this!” This comment not only reflects the support Perez enjoys in his home country but also suggests that Red Bull might not be valuing his contributions as they should.

The post didn’t just ruffle feathers in the media; it also sparked a reaction among fans. Comments like “The disrespect is crazy” and “You’ve started removing Checo from the picture slowly. RB family is not a good family” illustrate the level of fan engagement and concern regarding Perez’s treatment by the team.

In conclusion, what was meant to be a celebratory post by Red Bull has turned into a public relations challenge, highlighting the importance of thoughtful social media content, especially in the emotionally charged world of Formula 1 racing. The incident has not only raised questions about Perez’s future with the team but also about how teams engage with their fan base and the media.

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