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Red Bull’s Spectacular Austin GP Livery Reveal: Fan-Designed, Helicopter-Flown RB19 Takes Center Stage

In a spectacular event at Oracle’s Austin headquarters, Red Bull Racing unveiled their fan-designed RB19 for the upcoming Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix. The event, covered exclusively by Sports Illustrated, was highlighted by the helicopter entrance of the RB19, showcasing its new, Texas-inspired livery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fan-First Initiative: Oracle Red Bull Racing’s “Make Your Mark” campaign made a comeback for the Austin Grand Prix. This initiative transformed their RB19 into a canvas that reflected the enthusiasm and creativity of their fans.
  • Overwhelming Participation: The campaign was flooded with over 2,000 unique livery designs. Among these, Franco Cavallone’s design, inspired by Texan heritage, was the standout, winning the honor to be emblazoned on the RB19.
  • A Texan Masterpiece: The new livery of the RB19 is a tribute to Texas, featuring the red, white, and blue of the Lone Star Flag, with strategically placed stars adding to its allure. This design not only represents the car but also resonates with Texan pride and spirit.

Oracle Red Bull Racing’s event at their Austin headquarters was nothing short of a grand spectacle. Key figures like Christian Horner, Max Verstappen, and Sergio Perez were present, but the star of the show was undeniably the RB19, making a dramatic entrance via helicopter. This event wasn’t just about the reveal of a new livery; it was a celebration of fan engagement, creativity, and the essence of Formula 1 racing.

Sports Illustrated had the exclusive opportunity to sit down with the Red Bull Racing team following this extraordinary event. These interviews promise to offer deeper insights into the team’s preparation and expectations for the upcoming Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas.

The spectacle of an F1 car being airlifted is not an everyday sight and surely added an extra layer of excitement to this reveal. This event reinforces the idea that Red Bull Racing is not just about speed and performance on the track but also about connecting with fans and celebrating the sport’s culture.

The new RB19 livery is more than just a color scheme; it’s a symbol of appreciation for the fans and a nod to Texan culture. As the team gears up for the race, there’s a buzz of anticipation around whether this special livery will bring good fortune to Red Bull Racing. The energy and spirit encapsulated in the design are expected to reverberate through the team as they take on the challenges of the Grand Prix. As we await the action on the track, one thing is certain: Red Bull Racing continues to push the envelope, not just in performance, but in fan engagement and creative expression.

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