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Sauber Set for Major Rebranding: New Team Name Announcement Expected This Week

Sauber’s much-anticipated announcement of its new team name, following the conclusion of its partnership with Alfa Romeo, is now expected to happen within this week. This follows a postponement from the initially planned December 10th reveal, coinciding with the FIA’s 2024 entry list publication.

Key Takeaways:

  • Postponed Announcement: The planned announcement of Sauber’s new team name, initially expected on December 10th after the FIA released the 2024 entry list, has been delayed. A Sauber spokesperson clarified that the mentioned date was for the entry fee deadline, and the announcement is anticipated within the week.
  • Transitioning Phase: Despite the full Audi branding not appearing on Sauber’s cars until 2026, the team is already undergoing a transformation process under the guidance of CEO Andreas Seidl. This phase is seen as crucial for the team’s future success.
  • Challenges and Expectations: Following a ninth-place finish in the 2023 season, the team acknowledges the need for significant improvement to compete in the top five, indicating a major rebranding and strategic shift post-Alfa Romeo sponsorship.

In the dynamic world of Formula One, Sauber is poised to take a major leap forward as it prepares to unveil its new team identity for the 2024 season. This change marks a significant pivot in the team’s journey, especially after the cessation of their long-standing title sponsorship with Alfa Romeo.

Team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi initially signalled a December 10th announcement, aligned with the FIA’s release of the entry list for the upcoming season. However, this date was pushed back due to a delay in the FIA’s release. A Sauber spokesperson recently informed Decalspotters about this shift in schedule, stating:

“The date Alessandro was referring to was the closing date for the entry fees, following which the FIA is going to release the 2024 entry list. As it has not happened yet, we expect it to be at some point within this week.”

This rebranding is a stepping stone towards Sauber’s future collaboration with Audi, commencing in 2026. While Audi’s official branding won’t grace Sauber’s cars until then, the foundation for this partnership is currently being laid. Alunni Bravi, speaking at the Autosport Awards, emphasized the significance of this period, remarking, “It’s not a limbo period, we build our future here and now.” He underlined the ongoing transformation process spearheaded by Andreas Seidl, the group CEO.

The entry of Audi into Formula One in 2026 is not just pivotal for Sauber, but also for the broader F1 community. Alunni Bravi articulated the significance of this development, saying, “The entry of Audi in Formula One as of 2026 is big news for the entire F1 community, not just important for Sauber to be chosen as a strategic partner.”

In light of their ninth-place finish in the 2023 season, Sauber is cognizant of the need for substantial enhancements to compete amongst the top teams. The upcoming rebranding and strategy shift, post-Alfa Romeo, symbolizes a new chapter for Sauber, one that holds the promise of renewed competitiveness and success in the high-stakes arena of Formula One racing.

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