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Sauber’s Roadmap to Becoming the Audi Works Team in Formula 1: A Strategic Evolution

Sauber's Transition to Audi Works Team and the Patient Path to 2026

In a significant move for the world of Formula 1, Sauber has unveiled its plans for the upcoming years, setting the stage for a transformation that will culminate in the team’s official transition into the Audi works team by 2026. While the current title sponsorship with Alfa Romeo will conclude this year, Sauber is gearing up for a remarkable rebranding effort in 2024.

Last year, Sauber made headlines when it announced its intention to become the Audi works team in 2026, a move that promises to shake up the F1 landscape. With the Alfa Romeo sponsorship coming to an end, Sauber is preparing to welcome a new naming partner, signaling a pivotal moment in its long-term project.

However, fans eager to catch a glimpse of Audi’s presence on the Sauber Formula 1 cars will have to exercise patience. Sauber has made it clear that Audi will remain absent from the team’s branding until 2026, coinciding with the implementation of new regulations in Formula 1. This deliberate approach ensures that the transition is smooth and aligns with the strategic vision of both Sauber and Audi.

The decision to delay Audi’s public presence on the cars until 2026 underscores the meticulous planning and commitment behind this partnership. While the excitement of an Audi works team in Formula 1 builds anticipation, the focus remains on the gradual evolution of Sauber into a powerhouse in the sport.

As the years unfold, Formula 1 enthusiasts can expect to witness a captivating journey as Sauber transforms into the Audi works team. The 2024 rebranding and the subsequent wait for Audi’s prominent presence will add layers of intrigue to this transition.

In conclusion, Sauber’s path to becoming the Audi works team in Formula 1 is a compelling storyline that promises to shape the future of the sport. While Audi’s absence on the cars until 2026 may leave some fans eager for more, it underscores the meticulous planning and strategic vision behind this partnership. As Formula 1 continues to evolve, the Sauber-Audi collaboration is undoubtedly a story to watch.

When queried about the potential inclusion of Audi branding on the cars prior to its official debut in 2026, team spokesperson Alessandro Alunni Bravi stated to

“No. Audi will enter in 2026.

“Commercially speaking, it is important to have a big bang in 2026, not to dilute the Audi involvement with the team. So, we will continue as Sauber, based on the heritage of the group.”

Sauber is set to unveil its new title sponsor and its official team name next month, marking the conclusion of its collaboration with Alfa Romeo. Alunni Bravi further elaborated:

“We already planned the next step. And of course, we signed that title partner already at the beginning of 2022 for the next two seasons.

“The FIA will publish the entry list of 2024 around the 10th of December, and we will also communicate at that time, not before, who will be the team name for the next two seasons and the title partners for our team.

“We have everything clear for the next two seasons. And I want to reiterate they are not two transition years. They are two years that are part of a long-term project that needs to bring the team to the next level.”

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