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Lando Norris Reflects on Missed Opportunity in Abu Dhabi Qualifying: Self-Blame for Lost Pole Position

Lando Norris faced a challenging qualifying round at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, openly admitting his self-disappointment. His error in the crucial final sector led to a missed opportunity for pole position, a setback that he solely attributed to himself.

Key Takeaways:

  • Missed Pole Position Opportunity: Lando Norris was in a competitive position to clinch pole during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying, particularly in the final stages of Q3. However, a significant error in the last sector cost him this chance, leading to a fall behind his competitors, including Charles Leclerc, Oscar Piastri, and George Russell.
  • Norris’ Self-Criticism: In a candid admission, Norris recognized that the top spot was within his grasp, but his mistake led to a missed opportunity. He deliberately avoided attributing the error to external factors, focusing instead on his own performance and the regrettable slip-up.
  • Reflecting on Performance and Potential: Norris believed he had the potential to secure the pole position and expressed regret over not leveraging his advantageous position. He emphasized the ‘should have, would have, could have’ aspect of his performance, highlighting the missed opportunity.

In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Lando Norris discussed his feelings and self-critique following the qualifying rounds at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. A critical slip under the hotel section between Turns 13 and 14 proved decisive, where Norris experienced a slide, losing critical time. This error allowed his rivals to overtake him in the rankings.

Reflecting on this crucial moment, Norris shared his thoughts: “The car was very good out there. I was on a lap quick enough to go P1, but didn’t do it. Another Saturday that I’ve thrown away, disappointed.” He continued, “It was the mistake in the last sector that ruined everything. I don’t know what happened. The car ahead, I’m not going to blame him for getting in my way, it makes the tiniest difference but we are close enough on the limit on the final qualifying lap, that the tiniest difference can upset the car completely, like I had.”

Norris further expressed his disappointment, saying, “A shame because it should have been very different, so disappointed in myself.” He acknowledged his potential for pole position, lamenting the lost opportunity: “Yep [I had the pace for pole position]. Again ‘should have, would have, could have’ stuff from me. A shame. I was three tenths up and threw it all away.”

This incident highlights the thin line between success and setback in Formula 1, where a single error can significantly impact a driver’s position. Norris’s candid reflection provides insight into the high-pressure environment of F1 racing and the importance of precision and mental strength in this competitive sport.

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