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Sauber’s Strategic Brand Evolution Towards 2024: Embracing Heritage, Anticipating Audi

Sauber has confirmed that their rebranded Formula 1 car for 2024 will not feature Audi branding, emphasizing a “big bang” entry for Audi in 2026. The team, set to part with Alfa Romeo, is preparing for a significant rebranding based on its heritage, with a new title sponsor to be announced soon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Audi’s Absence in 2024: Despite becoming the official Audi works team in 2026, Sauber has clarified that Audi will not be featured on their cars until their official entry. This decision is to ensure a high-impact introduction of Audi in 2026, coinciding with new F1 regulations.
  • Sauber’s New Phase: With the end of their title sponsorship with Alfa Romeo, Sauber is gearing up for a rebranding phase. The team will adopt the Sauber brand for 2024, marking the beginning of a long-term project aimed at elevating the team’s performance and status.
  • Future Plans Unveiled: Alessandro Alunni Bravi, a team representative, shared that the team’s next steps are well-planned, with a new title partner already signed for the next two seasons. The official team name and title partners will be revealed in line with the FIA’s entry list publication in December.

As the 2024 Formula 1 season approaches, Sauber F1 Team is poised for significant changes. With the impending conclusion of their title sponsorship with Alfa Romeo, the team is on the brink of a new era. Sauber’s long-term partnership with Audi, set to commence officially in 2026, has been a topic of much speculation. However, in a recent development, Sauber has made it clear that Audi’s branding will not grace their cars until 2026.

The decision to keep Audi’s branding off the cars until their official entry is strategic. As explained by team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi in a statement to, the goal is to create a “big bang” in 2026. He emphasized the importance of not diluting the impact of Audi’s involvement with the team. “Commercially speaking, it is important to have a big bang in 2026, not to dilute the Audi involvement with the team. So, we will continue as Sauber, based on the heritage of the group.”

This approach underlines Sauber’s commitment to its heritage and the significance of the upcoming transitional phase. The team is not merely waiting for Audi’s entry but is actively preparing for a future that builds on its rich history in the sport.

The forthcoming announcement of a new title sponsor and the official team name is another step in Sauber’s strategic rebranding. Alunni Bravi’s statement that they have already planned the next step and signed a title partner at the beginning of 2022 for the upcoming seasons, indicates a well-orchestrated transition. He stressed that the next two seasons are integral to a broader, long-term project aiming to propel the team to new heights.

As the F1 community eagerly awaits the official announcement of Sauber’s rebranding, it’s clear that the team is navigating its evolution with a keen eye on both its past and its future. The anticipation for Audi’s big bang in 2026 only adds to the excitement surrounding Sauber’s journey in the high-stakes world of Formula 1 racing.

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