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Sergio Perez Set to Surpass Ricciardo’s Record with Verstappen at Singapore Grand Prix

In the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull’s Sergio Perez is poised to break Daniel Ricciardo’s record for the most races alongside teammate Max Verstappen. This milestone marks a significant achievement in Perez’s F1 career and his partnership with Verstappen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sergio Perez, currently racing for Red Bull, is set to break Daniel Ricciardo’s record by racing his 59th Grand Prix with Max Verstappen as a teammate during the Singapore GP. This achievement underscores his stable and successful partnership with Verstappen since joining the team in 2021.
  • Perez’s tenure at Red Bull has been notable, with a contract extending to the end of 2024. If he completes his tenure as planned, Perez and Verstappen are projected to complete 90 Grands Prix together, nearing the record of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.
  • The Singapore Grand Prix is a double celebration for Perez, marking not only the record-breaking partnership with Verstappen but also his 250th Grand Prix, elevating him to the 11th position in the all-time highest Grand Prix races list.

Red Bull Racing has been in the limelight for breaking numerous records in the past two seasons, primarily through their star driver, Max Verstappen. However, the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix brings a new cause for celebration within the team. Sergio Perez, the talented Mexican driver who has been with Red Bull since the 2021 season, is about to achieve a significant milestone in his Formula 1 career. He is set to become the driver with the most number of Grand Prix races alongside Max Verstappen, surpassing Daniel Ricciardo’s record.

This noteworthy achievement is not just a record; it symbolizes the strength and compatibility of Perez and Verstappen’s partnership over their nearly three-year collaboration. Perez’s journey with Red Bull began at the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2021, where he secured a commendable fifth-place finish, taking over from Alex Albon.

Max Verstappen, who joined Red Bull back in 2016, has had a string of teammates, including Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly, and Alex Albon, before Perez joined the squad. The consistency and performance that Perez has displayed have contributed significantly to the team’s success and have helped him carve out his own niche in the highly competitive world of Formula 1.

Perez’s contract extension with Red Bull, set to expire at the end of 2024, means that he and Verstappen are on track to reach 90 Grands Prix together. This impressive tally falls just short of the record held by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, who raced 94 times together for Red Bull between 2009 and 2013.

Moreover, the Singapore Grand Prix is not just significant for Perez because of the partnership record but also marks his 250th Grand Prix race. This places him 11th in the all-time list of highest Grand Prix races, a testament to his endurance, skill, and dedication in Formula 1.

While Perez and Verstappen’s record is a highlight, the Singapore GP itself is a challenging circuit, known for its demanding street layout and humid conditions. It will be interesting to see how Perez navigates this race in his landmark 250th Grand Prix appearance. Regardless of the race outcome, the weekend is set to be a milestone event for Sergio Perez, celebrating his illustrious career and partnership with Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing.

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