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Sergio Perez’s RB19 Suffers Severe Damage at Monza: A Closer Look Beyond Red Bull’s Claims

Despite initial claims of light damage by Sergio Perez and Red Bull, new images reveal significant damage to Perez’s RB19 during the FP2 session at Monza. The incident highlighted the car’s vulnerability and raised questions about its resilience.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Sergio Perez’s Crash Analysis: Perez experienced a crash during the final minutes of FP2 at Monza, with the incident involving a loss of control at Parabolica and a collision with the barrier. Initial reports from Perez and Red Bull suggested minimal damage, but new evidence indicates otherwise.
  2. Extent of the Damage Revealed: Closer examination of Perez’s RB19 shows substantial damage to the underside, including holes and heavily damaged floor fences. These findings contradict the team’s and driver’s earlier minimal damage assessments.
  3. Perez’s Optimism Remains High: Despite the setback, Perez expressed confidence in the car’s performance and his comfort with it. He remains hopeful for a strong showing in the upcoming sessions, highlighting his best practice session in recent times.

The Formula 1 community was left speculating after Red Bull and Sergio Perez downplayed the damage from Perez’s crash during the second free practice (FP2) session at the iconic Monza circuit. In what was a rare moment of outperforming his teammate Max Verstappen, Perez secured the third-fastest time, only to crash his RB19 in the final moments. Initial comments from Perez suggested the damage was light, but recent images paint a different picture.

The incident occurred when Perez lost control at the Parabolica corner, leading to a spin and a collision in reverse with the barrier. This dramatic moment raised concerns about the car’s integrity. Perez himself seemed to downplay the severity, remarking, “I understeered off on the exit and tried to keep it nailed. I thought I had it under control, but then I just touch a little bit the gravel, and that was game over. It doesn’t look too bad to me, the damage, the hit was fairly small. I don’t think we lost anything at the end, I think two laps. So nothing representative in that regard.”

However, a closer examination of the car tells a different story. The underside of the RB19 shows clear signs of significant damage, contradicting the ‘light’ assessment. The high-velocity impact with the gravel caused not just superficial scratches but actual holes, and the floor’s fences suffered considerably.

Despite this, Perez’s morale remains unshaken. He continued to express positivity about the weekend, noting, “The positive is that the car is performing well. I’m feeling comfortable with it and I think we are in a good position for the rest of the weekend. I really felt like we had a very strong Friday. I think definitely this has been the best Friday in a while for us. We’ve been working really hard. I think we’ve found some positive steps in the car so hopefully we can show it all tomorrow and on Sunday.”

This incident at Monza serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability and high stakes in Formula 1, where even a ‘small’ incident can have significant implications. As teams and drivers push the limits of performance and safety, every moment on the track can be pivotal. For Perez and Red Bull, the focus now shifts to recovering and optimizing performance for the rest of the weekend, with the eyes of the F1 world closely watching.

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