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Jeremy Clarkson Starts A Feud with German Politician, Andreas Kasdorf

The latest episode of The Grand Tour takes to the cradle of all things automotive, Germany, specifically Stuttgart, Germany. While Germany seems like an obvious location to film an episode of a motoring show, according to Jeremy Clarkson the show almost didn’t happen. In the show’s opening dialogue we find out that a local politician and member of Germany’s Green Party attempted to ban the show from filming in the city.


In typical Clarkson fashion, Jeremy attempts to keep things calm and collected, not call anyone out, and not point any fingers. He of course also fails miserably and quite on purpose. Instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, Jeremy calls the politician out by name, shows a (jokingly) distorted picture of the man’s face, and makes many comments on the stupidity of trying to ban the show.


The politician in question is Andreas Kasdorf. Kasdorf is a huge fan of bicycles and not so much anything powered by petrol and it would seem he thinks the locals all side with him, and therefore he attempted to get the city to ban Amazon from filming the show within the city.

According to Clarkson, Kasdorf specifically said that the show would be unwelcome and unwanted in Stuttgart because it is a very bicycle friendly place. The ironic thing about this politician trying to ban the filming is how little of the show is actually filmed in Stuttgart. Most of the episode takes place in Britain which leaves one to wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place.


Jeremy goes on to state how Germany isn’t all about bicycles, how it’s the home of Mercedes and Porsche, the birthplace of the automobile, and how it is the last place you can drive your car as fast as it can go on public roads without being arrested, all to the sound of applause from the local German crowd. He really makes some great points. Even James May seems to agree with him!

Will this become a full-blown feud with the German politicians? Will the Grand Tour be back in Germany in the future? I think the odds are good that they will be, but in the meantime, we can all be amused by Clarkson and his typically bullish behavior. Be sure and check out more from Grand Tour Nation about the latest episode and for the best automotive news and coverage of your favorite motoring show hosts.


Nick Dunlap

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