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Susie Wolff Triumphs in F1: A Stellar Journey to the Marie Claire Power List 2023

F1 Academy Managing Director Susie Wolff has been recognized in the esteemed Marie Claire Power List for 2023, a remarkable achievement in the male-dominated world of motorsport. Highlighting her unique approach, Wolff emphasizes, “I don’t get intimidated and I don’t try to act like a man. Authenticity is key.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Empowerment in a Male-Dominated World: Susie Wolff stands out in the motorsport realm, advocating for authenticity over conforming to traditional norms. Her journey underscores the importance of being true to oneself, a message that resonates powerfully in a field largely dominated by men.
  • Advice for the Next Generation: Facing gender-based challenges head-on, Wolff’s experiences offer valuable insights. Her advice to aspiring professionals, especially women, is to focus on their skills and performance, allowing the concerns and noise related to gender to fall away.
  • The Marie Claire Power List Recognition: The 2023 Marie Claire Power List is a celebration of influential figures across diverse sectors, including politics, entertainment, and sports. Wolff’s inclusion alongside prominent personalities such as Michelle Obama signifies her significant impact and the shifting perceptions of power.

Susie Wolff, the Managing Director of the F1 Academy, has carved her name on the prestigious Marie Claire Power List for 2023. Her journey in the motorsport industry is a testament to her steadfast commitment to authenticity and challenging the status quo. Wolff’s philosophy is simple yet profound: “I don’t worry that I am very different to those sitting around me.”

Her advice to the younger generation is both poignant and empowering. Reflecting on her own path, Wolff recalls the gender-based obstacles she faced, including questions about her competencies and her ability to juggle motherhood with a high-profile career. Her response to these challenges was emphatic, grounded in her success and unwavering dedication.

“I don’t worry that I am very different to those sitting around me. I don’t get intimidated and I don’t try to act like a man. Authenticity is key. You need to be authentic, because it’s when you’re not, you get called out very quickly,” Wolff asserts.

She adds, “I joined the Formula E team as a principal and at my first media round table, I was asked, ‘Did your husband get you this job? You’ve just had a baby, how are you going to manage travel?’ That was the moment where I realized how much work there was to do, but also that the biggest way to change perceptions is to be successful, focus on the performance. I tell the younger generation, let the noise around your gender fade away because the minute you perform, everything else fades away. If you are really good at what you do, that naturally gives you power.”

The Marie Claire Power List serves not just as an accolade but as a platform to redefine how power is perceived and wielded by influential figures in various domains. Wolff’s presence on this list, among the ranks of Michelle Obama, Eva Longoria, and Kris Jenner, is a clear indicator of her influence and the evolving narrative of power in our society. Her story is a beacon of inspiration, signaling a shift in the motorsport world and beyond, where authenticity and skill triumph over traditional stereotypes.

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