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Toto Wolff Counters Lewis Hamilton Rumours at Abu Dhabi GP, Cites Media Attention Tactics

In a striking turn of events at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team principal, vehemently dismissed rumours about Lewis Hamilton, pointing fingers at Christian Horner for allegedly seeking media attention. This development adds a new dimension to the F1 narrative, intertwining competition with off-track controversies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wolff’s Dismissal: Toto Wolff refuted Christian Horner’s claims regarding Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony, stating that he hasn’t been involved in Lewis’s contractual dealings since 2010. This clear denial counters the narrative put forward by Horner.
  • Horner’s Motive: Wolff suggested that Horner’s remarks about Hamilton were more about gaining media limelight than reflecting the true situation. This accusation adds fuel to the ongoing rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.
  • Mercedes vs. Ferrari: Despite the controversy, Mercedes is focused on the World Championship, feeling the heat to perform better than Ferrari, especially after mixed outcomes in the recent practice sessions.

Toto Wolff, leading the Mercedes team, openly criticized his counterpart at Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner, during the high-profile Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend. Wolff’s frank statements were in response to Horner’s comments on Lewis Hamilton’s contractual matters, particularly involving Hamilton’s father, Anthony.

Wolff, speaking to Sky’s German outlet, clarified, “I believe Anthony [Hamilton] isn’t involved since 2010,” directly addressing the rumours surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s father and his role in Lewis’s F1 career.

The timing and intent behind these rumours were questioned by Wolff, who found the emergence of such a story at the season’s final race suspicious. Wolff’s skepticism was evident as he said, “You also wonder why such a story comes up in the last race.”

Directly attributing the rumours to Horner, Wolff didn’t mince words. “I don’t think it’s Helmut, he’s serious and at the end of the day he makes the decision about the drivers, but I think the other one [ed. Horner] wanted a bit of media attention by mentioning Lewis’ name,” he asserted.

Wolff showed a willingness to overlook the issue, stating, “If that’s what he needs, then let him do it.” This statement reflects his desire to focus on more pressing matters.

Mercedes, amidst this off-track drama, remains firmly fixed on their on-track objectives. With George Russell and Lewis Hamilton finishing P6 and P8 respectively in the second free practice, and considering Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz’s potential grid penalty following his FP2 crash, Mercedes sees an opportunity to solidify their position in the constructors’ championship.

Despite these off-track distractions, Mercedes’s primary aim is clear – achieving a strong finish in the World Championship, a goal that remains paramount amid the unfolding drama of Formula 1.

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