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Toto Wolff’s Wikipedia Remark Sparks Laughter and Drama at Singapore Grand Prix

David Croft's Well-Timed Joke and the Dramatic Twist in the Mercedes Garage

Toto Wolff’s recent Wikipedia remark regarding Max Verstappen’s ten-in-a-row Grand Prix wins had stirred up quite the Formula 1 community before the Singapore Grand Prix weekend. Just when the dust seemed to be settling, Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft resurrected the conversation with a well-timed joke aimed squarely at Toto Wolff during the thrilling Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday.

It all began at the Italian Grand Prix, where Verstappen etched his name in the history books by clinching ten consecutive Grand Prix victories. Wolff, never one to miss an opportunity, couldn’t resist a playful jab. He downplayed Verstappen’s accomplishment, suggesting that the ten-win streak was merely destined for Wikipedia. Unsurprisingly, this remark from the Mercedes team principal sparked a whirlwind of criticism.

Fast forward to the Singapore Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Circuit, where both Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, were fiercely battling for podium positions in the closing laps of the race. Inside the Mercedes garage, Wolff was seen wearing a knowing smile, well aware of the possibility that both Silver Arrows could secure podium finishes. Perhaps he was also taking solace in the fact that the Red Bulls were nowhere near the top two spots.

In this tense moment, Croft seized the perfect opportunity to tease Wolff once again, invoking the infamous Wikipedia comment. With Hamilton and Russell relentlessly pursuing their rivals, Croft quipped, “The record for the most unexpected joke in the last few laps goes to Toto Wolff!”

“I haven’t seen Wolff smile much recently but if they win this I bet he will read the race report on Wikipedia afterwards.”

However, just when it seemed like the Mercedes team might indeed claim a double podium finish, fate intervened in a dramatic twist. George Russell, who had been running in third place during the final lap, suffered an unexpected crash, shattering his hopes of a podium finish. This unfortunate incident allowed Lewis Hamilton to inherit the third position, salvaging valuable championship points. Russell, on the other hand, endured a heartbreaking Did Not Finish (DNF) despite starting the race from the front row. Had he not met with misfortune, he would have secured a podium finish, with Hamilton finishing just behind him in fourth place.

As it stands now, George Russell occupies the seventh position in the Drivers’ Standings, amassing a total of 109 points. Meanwhile, his teammate Lewis Hamilton stands firmly in third place with 180 points, continuing his pursuit of the championship title.

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