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Remembering The Grand Tour’s Caribbean Getaway

“Under the shimmering blue sea, there’s just miles and miles of sand.” Jeremy Clarkson’s intro to The Grand Tour’s “Dumb Fight at the O.K. Coral” episode will make you miss Summer vacation.

It is, after all, our boy’s best beach episode.

The operation has Jeremy, James, and Richard trying to save the coral reefs, by sinking cars down to the sea floor. Not only does the mission have an honorable goal, but it also means our hosts sport shorts, and even the occasional bit of diving gear.

While they set off with five stripped-down cars to seed the newest reef, they quickly lose some of their resources, as May proves himself utterly incapable of operating a crane. Later, Clarkson also shows how poor of a boat captain he would make, a couple of years before Seamen aired.

The spot has multiple stressful moments, first we see Clarkson walking around completely barefoot on the dock; enough to make a grown man cry. We have to stand by as they repeatedly snap towing lines, struggle to get a boat to dock properly, and get kicked off a resort’s beach.

I don’t like being in the bloody water! I’m not comfortable, I’m from Birmingham! – Richard Hammond

O.K. Coral has several fantastic moments of chemistry. Right from the beginning they quickly hurry their intro to compensate for a lost car, all the way to the bickering about 1st or 2nd gen Land Rover.

It’s a hot mess, in a tropical paradise.

No doubt, a vacation would be so welcomed right now, even with all the road bumps and sunburn we’d surely endure if we were hosts of The Grand Tour.

Hopefully this segment will satisfy some of your wanderlust.

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  1. Our family was able to visit Barbados in 2017 & 2018… where did they sink the Landrover in case we ever get the chance to go back? 🤣

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