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Yuki Tsunoda’s Positive Approach Ahead of 2023 Japanese Grand Prix

Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Resilience on Home Soil

Yuki Tsunoda, the young and determined Formula 1 driver, is not a stranger to the ups and downs of the high-speed world of motorsports. As he prepares to take on the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix, Tsunoda opens up about his recent challenges on the circuit and how he plans to tackle them head-on with a positive outlook.

In the past couple of races, Tsunoda has faced adversity, failing to complete a single lap in either the Monza or Singapore Grand Prix. The Singapore race, in particular, proved to be a daunting hurdle. A first-lap collision with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez left Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri with significant damage, ultimately leading to an early retirement from the race.

However, Tsunoda is not one to dwell on setbacks or let them define his approach. He firmly believes that his recent troubles were largely beyond his control. Instead of making drastic changes, he chooses to stay the course and maintain his unwavering determination.

Tsunoda’s mindset going into the Japanese Grand Prix is simple yet powerful – a reset and a focus on the positive aspects of his journey. He is well aware of the room for improvement but remains resolute in his approach. His optimism stems from the belief that a fresh start will enable him to overcome the streak of bad luck that has plagued him recently.

One encouraging sign for Tsunoda is the performance of his AlphaTauri teammate, Liam Lawson, who secured a respectable ninth-place finish in Singapore. This outcome suggests that the AlphaTauri car has the potential to deliver competitive results, providing Tsunoda with an added source of motivation.

Tsunoda’s recent experiences on the Formula 1 circuit have undoubtedly been challenging. In Singapore, the first-lap incident with Sergio Perez not only disrupted his race but also compromised the aerodynamic efficiency of his car, making it impossible to continue.

“The sidepods are completely gone after the contact. There was a loss of aero and loss of grip on the [right] hand-side [meant I had to retire]. At least the car pace was good [throughout practice].”

When asked about his approach for the Japanese Grand Prix, Tsunoda remained optimistic and determined. He acknowledges the unpredictable nature of motorsports and the ever-watchful presence of Lady Luck. Racing on home soil may intensify the pressure, but Tsunoda embraces it as a driving force, using it to motivate himself further.

“Nothing I think. I just probably think… I just put down like just unfortunate, especially Monza was things I couldn’t really control.

“Singapore, obviously there was a bit of room to improve myself but also just didn’t work out in the end, just things that also happened that I cannot really control as well.

“So I just reset. I take it positive, just hopefully I digest every bad luck from there. And yeah, hopefully I can have a good race week here. So just reset and think positive.”

In his own words, Tsunoda aims to “digest every bad luck” from the previous races and looks forward to a more fortunate outcome in Japan. As he takes to the track, his resilience and unwavering positivity will be put to the test, but Yuki Tsunoda is determined to show the world what he’s made of.

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