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Sim Racing Veteran Jimmy Broadbent Speaks On Esports Cheating: “Not A Good Time”

Sim Racing Esports, once a rapidly growing segment of competitive gaming, is currently facing a major challenge due to allegations of cheating. Top racers in the community have come under fire recently, with many accused of using hacks and mods to gain an unfair advantage over their rivals.

In a recent video, popular YouTuber Jimmy Broadbent spoke about the current state of affairs in the community, expressing his concern over the impact these allegations are having on the sport. “It is currently not a good time for sim racing Esports,” he said.

Broadbent explained that a number of high-level racers have been accused of cheating via mods and hacks, mistakenly revealing things on stream that they shouldn’t have. “It feels like it’s getting to the point now where it’s becoming a little bit of a laughing stock,” he lamented.

Among the high-profile cases is the allegations against Thomas Ronhaar, a Haas F1 Esport driver. He was accused of using “grip cheats” during an F1 league race, which became obvious during a chase by Jarno Opmeer, frustrating the chasing driver. However, it is important to note that this has not been confirmed and is still just an allegation.

Alvaro Carreton, a Williams Esports driver, also came under scrutiny after accidentally showing a folder full of F1 grip hacks on a live stream. He later rejected the idea that he was cheating and insisted that he was testing the mods for Codemasters, the company behind F1 ’22, but this wasn’t confirmed by the company.

Another driver to be called out was Kirill Sadyrov, who was accused of cheating on Asetto Corsa by Dáire McCormack. McCormack posted a comparison on Twitter, which gave proof that Sadyrov could be cheating. Sadyrov later admitted to cheating, stating that “99.9% of ACC pros do the same.”

The impact of these allegations is widespread and is affecting the community as a whole. It is creating mistrust and suspicion among gamers and fans alike and threatens to undermine the integrity of the sport. Cheating allegations are not new in the gaming world, but the impact they are having on sim racing Esports is particularly significant.

As the community tries to navigate through these challenging times, it is important for all parties involved to take a proactive approach towards resolving the issue. Clear guidelines and regulations need to be established to ensure fair play and integrity in competitions. Additionally, gamers and organizations must work together to create a culture of transparency and accountability in the community.

Despite the current situation, there is still hope for the future of sim racing Esports. The community can come together to address the issue, creating a more ethical and sustainable environment for all gamers. As Jimmy Broadbent said, “Don’t cheat for crying out loud. Just get good.”

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