Should The Grand Tour Only Focus On Travel Specials?

When Season 1 of The Grand Tour hit our screens, most fans were left scratching their heads at Celebrity Brain Crash. A handful of episodes in, and it was clear that killing off celebs would be a running gag, but surely they wouldn’t keep it up all season long, would they?

They sure did. After tons of criticism, Bran Crash was scrapped in favor of an actual celebrity segment with actual racing. it had to be better and better received, right? Not really, it turns out. Apparently, a good chunk of viewers would simply there be no celeb segment at all.

A show called The Grand Tour suggests that globe-hopping would be the main focus, and to be fair to the boys, they have done a fantastic job so far. But what if they took it a step further? What if every single episode was like the Namibia special from Season 1, or the upcoming Mozambique and Colombia specials?

To put it delicately, what if Celebrity Face Off was completely scrapped (probably Conversation Street as well), and each episode in itself was a special?

It wouldn’t be a terrible idea. The Namibia special was met with glowing reviews, and the anticipation for the Mozambique special is huge. Viewers clearly like seeing the boys in exotic locales and pretty much nothing else.

If anything, a switch to a completely “travel show” format would go a long way in stepping out of Top Gear’s shadow. Look at the best-received episodes so far. What’s the most common praise heaped upon each good episode?

“It reminds me of Top Gear!”

They need to become their own show.


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