The Grand Tour-Season 2, Episode 5 Trailer

We are two days away from the 5th episode of The Grand Tour’s second season, and to whet your appetites, Amazon has released the trailer for the upcoming episode. Check out the trailer below and revel in the voice of Paul McCartney as we are treated to the Wings hit “Live and Let Die.”

I’ll give you a little hint: the song ends pretty abruptly. Let’s just say when you ask Jeremy to do Ken Block things, he’ll probably end up doing something that is the polar opposite of whatever it is that Ken Block does.

As I mentioned in the episode preview, James heads to the Eboladrome to test out the Volkswagen Up GTI. I predicted there would be some shenanigans and lo and behold, I was right! It looks like there will be explosions in the review, something I’m sure was sorely needed.

The centerpiece of the episode looks like it’s going to be Richard’s merry jaunt through a Dubai shopping mall. And when I say “through,” I literally mean through. That Ripsaw tears through thye walls of that mall like there’s no tomorrow.

Enjoy the trailer!

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