Jeremy Clarkson’s Contemplates Buying A New Tractor For Clarkson’s Farm

If you didn’t pick it up from Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy Clarkson has a serious passion for farming. The show isn’t just a way to make money or a few episodes of The Grand Tour presenter messing about… he loves it. And this passion stretches to tractors, too.

He bought a Lamborghini R8 for the first series of Clarkson’s Farm, and it’s safe to say he loved the thing, despite its constant and severe drawbacks. He then went on to buy his girlfriend Lisa Hogan a tractor, too. You can see in the photo below, it’s a Massey Furgeson – the Rolls Royce of tractors from that era.

And now, Jeremy looks like he’s buying himself another that might well be seen in Series 2 of Clarkson’s Farm.

It’s a Cockshutt 70, a tractor built in Iowa, USA between 1935 and 1948, and boasting around 20-30 horsepower. But I would imagine it’s not really the tractor that caught Jeremy’s eye. I’d think it’s more the name. 

Fans were quick to respond to the video, with one saying:

“Kaleb will love that. He’ll look great driving to Central London in it,” and another adding, “I mean, this is an obviously perfect investment. I see no downside.”

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Clarkson’s Farm is set to be back on Amazon Prime Video for a second series next year alongside another series of James May’s travel show, ‘Our Man In The USA’. He’ll be travelling 4,000 miles across America “where he will be immersing himself completely in the real American way of life to discover its true flavour”.

He said the following about the new show:

“I’m setting off with two objectives: To go West, like the settlers and prospectors of old, and not get fat on American breakfasts in the process,” said James May. “As a man brought up (raised) on U.S. cop shows and Hollywood films, I still believe that everything in America must be better; from the size of their fridges to the uncanny alignment of their teeth. But is it?”

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2022 looks to be a very good year for fans of The Grand Tour boys with Richard Hammond also working on a new show called, Richard Hammond’s Workshop. This is touted to be coming in 2022, as well,

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