The Grand Tour Insider: “Wildest Dreams of Top Gear Come True”

As fans continue to wait for The Grand Tour to debut in October November 18th, information on the show is slowly being released from all angles, such as Andy Hilman’s interview last week and now, from Jonathan Holmes of Radio Times.

Holmes was part of a select group of journalists who were invited to see the first excerpts from The Grand Tour, featuring Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond and the first clip from the interview has Holmes exclaiming that it was “very, very impressive!”

There were some great quotes in the interview where you can see the kind of emotional roller coaster Holmes went on:

Here are some gems we transcribed in case you can’t listen to the interview:

“It’s gotta be said . . very very impressive”

“It was always about turning things up to 11, but this was even, sort of, Eleven-er! There was gun fights, races over land, sea, and air.”

“It was the wildest dreams of Top Gear come true.”

You can’t really call Jeremy Clarkson breath-taking…..but there were moments where it approached breath-taking.

Moments when a Maserati swept through the draw bridge of a castle . . . a real feeling of exhilaration, which I can’t remember from Top Gear before . . . kind of reminded you why you used to enjoy Top Gear.

Plenty of Banter . . . . probably the most important element is that Trio at that center.

James May has broken his arm coming out of a bar. Stupid pranks that were slightly set up, but still quite enjoyable. Richard Hammond woke up 100 feet up in the air.

Banter was further than you expect . . . choice of words, the swear words, . . . . were not beeped. Slight concern off the leash, they might spoil themselves. They might be kids on Halloween.

 I don’t know about you, but this interview just confirms our belief that the trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May are going to bring back the fun that we’ve all been missing.

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