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Richard Hammond Reflects on ‘The Grand Tour’, Friendship, and Life Post-Top Gear

In a recent interview, Richard Hammond opened up about his journey with The Grand Tour, his relationship with co-stars, and life changes post-Top Gear. His honest and humorous reflections offer a unique glimpse into the world of one of television’s most famous motoring personalities.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Transition to ‘The Grand Tour’: Hammond discusses the shift from Top Gear to The Grand Tour, following the infamous incident involving Jeremy Clarkson. He shares insights into the new show’s creation, its extravagant opening scene, and the camaraderie between him, Clarkson, and James May, despite their contrasting personalities and interests.
  2. Personal Insights and Relationships: Hammond candidly speaks about his family’s support, his near-fatal accident, and his refusal to dye his hair despite accusations. He highlights the importance of his relationship with his co-stars, describing them as more than friends but a crucial part of a dynamic that works uniquely for their show.
  3. Life Perspectives and Fan Interactions: Discussing his life changes, Hammond talks about being a family man, his adventurous spirit, and his interactions with fans. He also reveals his first car, his favorite Porsche 911, and his careful approach to driving, given his public profile.

Richard Hammond, best known for his role on ‘Top Gear’, recently opened up about his experiences transitioning to ‘The Grand Tour’, his relationships with co-hosts, and his personal life. He started by recalling the shift that occurred following Clarkson’s departure from Top Gear over a controversial incident. Hammond and May chose to follow Clarkson, leading to their new venture, ‘The Grand Tour’. The show, known for its impressive budget and extravagant scenes, symbolizes their undeterred spirit and commitment to their craft.

“Yeah, we got a little carried away, which we do tend to do. We went crazy, but we kind of had to. Jesus, we made enough noise about it. It says we’re not messing about.”

Hammond, often seen in his trademark jeans and fancy shirt, maintains his humorous yet honest demeanor.

“I think people think we all stay in luxury hotels together the whole time, but we had to sleep in tents or cars sometimes.

“So there were tough, uncomfortable days, but we had some great campfires under the stars.”

When discussing his relationships with Clarkson and May, Hammond was open yet humorous. He described Clarkson as an “attention-grabbing grey ape” and shared amusing observations about both co-hosts, revealing their unique quirks and personalities.

“The first day was weird. Looking around and seeing the same crew we’ve worked with for all those years on Top Gear – yeah, it was weird. For a second. But then there was a sense of, ‘OK, we’re carrying on.’ It was new, it was ours and, to be fair, we had to make it really good. We wouldn’t be forgiven if we didn’t.”

He continued:

“There’s something extra between us we don’t get individually. It was always about moving forwards.”

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