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Clarkson’s Farm Attempts To Deny Cancellation Rumours As Filming Commences

Jeremy Clarkson has shared behind-the-scenes photos of the crew filming on Diddly Squat Farm for Clarkson’s Farm season three.

The future of the hit farming show was thrown up in the air when the Grand Tour host wrote an extremely controversial column for The Sun about Meghan Markle. The presenter was met with a huge amount of backlash, and despite a public apology, put his career at risk.

Prime Video have declined to comment or confirm the future of The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm but rumours began to circulate that they were not going to extend any current contracts.

Taking to social media, the Diddly Squat team tried to show a ‘business as usual’ facade by sharing behind-the-scenes photos of the team filming for the upcoming season.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the third series of the show, however, they have a wait ahead of them. The former Top Gear host has previously estimated that it will be about 18 months away. One excited fan commented:

“Is there really going to be a season 3??? I thought it was done after S2. Looking forward to S3 if it going to happen.”

Another fan wrote:

“Thank f***ing god Jeremy didn’t f**k this up and there will be a new season!”

A third fan commented on one of the biggest plots going through season two, which was the ongoing battle between Clarkson and the local council. They wrote:

“So looking forward to the next series. It’s such a shame the council was so extremely petty. It was so so bad. All those farms desperately needing Diddly squat, yet a couple of petty mean spirited people made there lives an utter misery. Jealousy is a hideous thing. I hope and pray all the farms have survived, Especially the dairy farmers.”

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