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Clarkson’s Farm Fans Poke Fun Amid Questions Over Diddly Squat Diamonds – “Council Would S**t Their Paints”

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper has shared a moment with his Instagram followers where he and Jeremy Clarkson thought they had found diamonds on the Diddly Squat Farm.

Cooper wrote:

“Throwing it back to the day @jeremyclarkson1 and I thought we found diamonds… then cheerful Charlie told us it was crystallised salt.”

Fans have had a lot of fun in the comments, with some saying it could be another business venture for the Grand Tour host and others claiming “Cheerful” Charlie Ireland kept the diamonds for himself. One fan commented:

“Diddly Squat mining co. Council would shit their pants.”

The moment was not featured on the second hit farming show series released to Prime Video in February. However, filming has been underway for a little while for the third season so many fans are hoping to see what is sure to be a hilarious moment in the third.

Other fans went wild with their imagination, commenting:

“… and after that Charlie disappeared with the “crystallised” salt. He was never seen again.”

“Probably for the best. The council would never have approved you for a jewellery store.”

“Charlie’s new 7 bedroom villa begs to differ”

“You need to get a metal detecting club on your land. Would be a funny episode you, Jeremy and Gerald trying to find treasure. Somebody could unearth something expensive that will make the farm money”

“Maybe there is gold on the farm. Next application will be to put up a gold processing plant “

“Am imagining Charlie on a sail boat in the Bahamas. Yes it’s only salt, see y’all”

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the third series, and although no dates have been confirmed yet, Clarkson has given his best guess to a fan on Twitter saying he thinks it will be about 18 months away.

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