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Clarkson’s Farm: Fans Side With Kaleb Cooper Over Fan Altercation

Kaleb Cooper had an altercation with a fan recently who was flying a drone over the Diddly Squat Farm and farmhouse. Cooper told the fan to bring the drone down and threatened to shoot it down if he didn’t, and now fans are reacting to the moment.

Although there are no laws against flying drones over the farm when they are 249g or less, there are many safety and privacy concerns. As the farm has attracted a lot of Jeremy Clarkson fans to the area, safety and theft has become a worry for the Grand Tour host.

As news has broken out about the altercation, fans have been reacting to the moment and have mainly been siding with the young farmer.  One fan wrote:

“It’s a shame he never shot it down. In unprofessional hands these things so often cause friction. And more.”

Another fan wrote that they “didn’t blame him” whilst another said he should have done it as it would have made for great TV, however, we are not sure if this moment will be included in Prime Videos Clarkson’s Farm or not.

This fan very strongly agreed with Cooper, taking suggestions to a new level. They wrote:

“As he should. Send a surveillance drone to my home, no threats will be sent, just lead. Maybe capture the drone and put a pipe bomb on it, then detonate it when it returns to its owner. Food for thought.”

Someone else commented, saying:

“It’s very polite of him to have threatened, I would have shot without warning.”

The second series of Clarkson’s Farm will be released between January and March 2023 and Prime Video recently announced that a third series will be coming which is being filmed at the moment. As this was a recent issue, there is a chance it was caught on camera for the third season, however, there is no confirmation of this.

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