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Jeremy Clarkson Discusses Top Gear Return: “Could I Do It?”

Jeremy Clarkson, the former host of Top Gear, has quite a history when it comes to controversy. For those who may not recall, Clarkson’s BBC contract was terminated after he assaulted producer Oisin Tymon and allegedly used a racial slur. Following the incident, the 62-year-old settled the matter by agreeing to pay a £100,000 racial discrimination and personal injury claim. He now questions whether he could return to Top Gear with the BBC changing so quickly.

In a show of solidarity, co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond resigned from their roles on Top Gear, and the trio was replaced by Paddy McGuinness, Chris Harris, and Freddie Flintoff.

Building Success on Amazon Prime and the Meghan Markle Controversy

Despite past setbacks, Clarkson managed to establish a thriving TV career on Amazon Prime with his farming series, Clarkson’s Farm, and The Grand Tour. However, his relationship with the streaming platform took a hit when he made offensive remarks about Meghan Markle in a controversial column for The Sun.

In the now-deleted column, Clarkson expressed his desire for the Duchess of Sussex to be “paraded naked” and pelted with “excrement,” resulting in widespread outrage. Although he issued an apology, according to rumours, Amazon Prime chose not to renew its contract with Clarkson, only proceeding with the planned third season of Clarkson’s Farm.

Clarkson’s Bold Claims About the BBC and Comedy

Never one to hold back, Clarkson recently penned a new column for The Times, arguing that the BBC is not a Tory company. He wrote:

“I worked at the BBC for more than 25 years, and I can tell you that almost everyone I met was redder than the end of a dog’s lipstick.”

Clarkson also addressed the state of comedy on the BBC, claiming it has become too risky for the network. His sentiments echo those of several comedians, including John Cleese.

No Top Gear Return for Clarkson

Given his strong opinions, it’s no surprise that Clarkson isn’t planning a return to Top Gear. He stated:

“Could I do Top Gear there now? Not a chance.”

Gary Lineker and the Match of the Day Scandal

In his column, Clarkson also briefly mentioned the Gary Lineker Match of the Day scandal, having previously supported the former footballer. He discussed impartiality at the media giant, writing:

“That’s why Gary Lineker was temporarily stood down – not because he’d broken some weird impartiality clause in his contract, but because he’d dared to challenge this government’s tireless resolve to treat immigration as if it’s basically a big game of snakes and ladders.”

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