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Jeremy Clarkson Slams Joe Biden As He Expects NATO Attack From Russia

The Grand Tour presenter-turned-farmer Jeremy Clarkson has once again spoken out about the war in Ukraine and has launched an attack on the US president Joe Biden while doing so.

Jeremy expects an attack from Russia on a NATO country, and says that this would be followed by a response from Joe Biden, but doesn’t trust the President who he says is “control his own bowels”.

He said the following in his column for The Sun:

“Plus, when they’re asked what would happen if Russia dropped a bomb on a Nato country, we know they can only guess at what the response would be, because the decision would come from Joe Biden.

“And working out what he’d do is like working out whether trees have feelings.

“This is a man who can’t even control his own bowels. We are, therefore, left with so many questions.

“What will happen if Putin loses? Would he retreat and pretend it had all gone according to plan? Or would he go nuclear?”

He wrote further, wondering where Putin would move to if he lost this war, listing Latvia, Georgia or Poland.

The ex-Top Gear presenter has posted several tributes to Ukraine.

“It was sad then. It’s even sadder now,” he posted to Instagram alongside a photo of himself as he traveled to Chernobyl during his days filming for Top Gear:

Following this, while filming for the next episode of The Grand Tour, he posted yet another tribute with two cars, a Subaru WRX and a Mitsubishi Evo, representing the Ukraine flag’s colours.

Towards the end of filming, he then posted a photo of himself flying over the Russian border which culminated a number of reactions from fans.

“They need to stop the war so they send Jeremy Clarkson. It’ll be over in days,” one fan jokes.

“Blue Yellow,” someone wrote as they noticed the colouring of the photo.

The Grand Tour is currently working on a Norway special after they traveled the Arctic Circle with three rally-bred cars. You can keep up to date with this by clicking here.

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