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Clarkson’s Farm: Kaleb Cooper Comes Under Fire After Fan Altercation Goes Wrong – “Threatened To Shoot”

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper has had a run in with a fan after they flew their drone over Diddly Squat Farm, with the young farmer apparently threatening to shoot the drone down.

Andrew Dickinson, who was flying his drone to get aerial shots of the famous farm, told MailOnline that Cooper said that if he didn’t land the drone then he would blast it out of the sky.

Jeremy Clarkson has previously voiced his concerns about people flying drones over the land which makes sense when you think about safety and theft concerns. In one of his columns for The Sunday Times, he wrote:

“I give fair warning to any drone operator that if you fly one over my house again, I will shoot it down.”

Dickinson is adamant that he didn’t do anything wrong. Dickinson explained:

“[He was] threatening criminal damage to the drone and driving his pick-up truck with no front number plate,”

Prime Videos Clarkson’s Farm has very quickly become a fan favourite and has led to hundreds of thousands of fans to visit the small Cotswolds village, which has annoyed a lot of the other local residents.

According to Dickinson, he and a friend and pulled over in a lay-by to fly the drone over the farm but Cooper and another farm worker turned up within minutes to be told that operating the drone was breaking the law and that if they didn’t land the device immediately they would shoot it down.

Although the Civil Aviation Authority states there are no restrictions for drones that weigh 249g or less, which is the weight of Dickinson’s. However as Cooper argued, it is an invasion of privacy. Also, as Clarkson has a following it is fair that they would have safety concerns.

Dickinson went on to explain:

“We’re both fans of Clarkson’s Farm. I was flying a drone over the property when Kaleb Cooper drove up to me in a truck demanding that I land it immediately. I wasn’t parked on his land and was perfectly entitled to fly the drone.

“Kaleb threatened to shoot the drone down if I didn’t land it even after I explained the drone laws to him and was not breaking any laws that day flying over the farm.

“He was swearing at us, asking how we’d like it if he flew a drone over our house. He was quite aggressive, but there was no need for it.”

A spokesperson for the Diddly Squat Farm has stated:

“Having drones fly over private land can be very frustrating. In addition, Kaleb and other farmers know how much drones can scare cattle and these cattle were in calf. Kaleb’s comments reflect how seriously he takes his cattle’s welfare.”

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