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Clarkson’s Farm Season 2: Synopsis Revealed as Fan-Favourites Return For Next Chapter

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 has been confirmed for release, but while fans have a vague idea of what’s going to be shown during Jeremy Clarkson’s second series of the popular farming show, the team behind it has now released a full synopsis of what to expect.

We’ve been covering the Prime Video masterpiece for a long time, and it’s fair to say that Jeremy has had plenty of pushback from the residents of local villages. We’ve covered this to great extent, but it’s now been confirmed that the show will indeed cover the drama that unfolded around his now-closed restaurant and Diddly Squat Farm Shop.

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Amazon teases us with a short synopsis, first of all, hinting at Jeremy looking to diversify his revenue from the farm as he looks to add to his pitiful profit from the first year:

“Another year in the life of Diddly Squat Farm, run by Jeremy Clarkson, Britain’s best-known
but least-qualified amateur farmer. In an effort to increase his annual profit (£144 last year)
he’s diversifying, in the shape of cows, more chickens and his own restaurant.”

The full synopsis goes into more details, while confirming that the usual characters such as Kaleb Cooper, Gerald Cooper, and Cheerful Charlie will return, as well as Jeremy’s partner, Lisa Hogan. It reads:

“Jeremy Clarkson, Britain’s best-known but least-qualified amateur farmer is back!

“Another year in the life of Diddly Squat farm begins, and all the regular characters are still here, helping Jeremy as much as they can: Kaleb’s on hand to show him How to Actually Run a Farm, Lisa’s running the shop, Charlie’s always ready to deliver more brutal home truths, and Gerald’s still Head of Security, with his own unique way of expressing himself.

It continues:

“With farmers across the country facing the impact of Brexit and the impending loss of
subsidies, all are forced to diversify and Jeremy’s got big plans: he wants a herd of cows, he
wants a load more chickens, and he wants his own restaurant where he can serve up a men
entirely made up of Diddly Squat produce, with the ambition of increasing his annual profit
from last year (£144).

“All farms are busy, but this one is about to get a whole lot busier…”

Jeremy discussed the effect Clarkson’s Farm has had on the now-famous farm:

“It’s been an extraordinary thing, not just in the UK, but everywhere. The farm is visited now by
Americans, South Africans, Germans, Finns, Dutch – everyone all over the world. They’ve
gone, ‘Wow, it’s amazing where our food comes from.'”

Kaleb Cooper also commented on the popularity of the show:

“I remember people coming up to me and saying, ‘It’s going to be massive, mate. This whole
show is going to be massive.’

“I was like, ‘Well, if it is, amazing.’ But whether or not it did well, the most amazing thing was to show the world what I love doing the most. And then on the first day of it coming out, I gained about 300,000 followers on Instagram.”

Fans will be very excited to hear that Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 is returning early next February. We expect very big things.

Clarkson’s Farm Series 2 launches Friday 10th February 2023 on Prime Video.

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