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Jeremy Clarkson Calls For More “Tossers” To Fill Cotswolds Pubs Whilst Highlighting A Lack Of Diversity

The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has jestingly voiced his concern over a potential lack of diversity in North Oxfordshire as he claims he is getting bored of British pub food.

In a recent Sunday Times column, he extolled the virtues of his local neighbourhood and the pubs therein. He wrote:

“As a local, I have to say this is all very tremendous, but soon I fear it will get to the point where these excellent pubs will run out of rich people to eat in them.

“Yup, pretty soon there will be a tosser shortage in north Oxfordshire, and more will be needed to keep the chefs busy.

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

He also humorously proposed an ad campaign, stating:

“We may need to start advertising in the Evening Standard or, better still, Campaign: ‘Tossers wanted in OX7. And please bring your children so they can be waiters.’”

The former Top Gear host has become a local celebrity through his Prime Video show, “Clarkson’s Farm”, based on the farming seasons at his Diddly Squat Farm.

However, he also pointed out a downside to the local area in the Cotswolds – a lack of cultural diversity, particularly in culinary options. He suggested:

“Diversity. I’m not saying there should be a migration centre here for displaced Syrians or a fancy new mosque, but I wouldn’t say no to a Chinese restaurant. Or a Japanese sushi joint.

“Anything that could give me a break from the traditional English fayre you get in the pubs.”

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