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Jeremy Clarkson Celebrates Diddly Squat Farm Milestone: “It’s Been Another Brilliant Day”

Jeremy Clarkson has celebrated the release of his new Hawkstone Vodka with an event at his Hawkstone Brewery that was open only to Hawkstonians. These subscription holders were able to attend the party alongside The Grand Tour presenter and his trusty sidekick Kaleb Cooper, as well as Clarkson’s Farm regular Lisa Hogan.

Celebrating “the hard work that farmers put in to creating beer, cider and his new vodka produced authentically with local ingredients,” the event boasted live music from musicians such as JP Cooper and Jack Savoretti, as well as food and, of course, drink.

As well as this, members of the club, including Clarkson, were able to bet through bookmakers Fitzdares in the presenter’s new game, ‘Sh*t Yourself Rich’ to “be in with a chance of making money… by betting on where our cows are going to do their business.

“Pick a square, any square, and if the cow relieves itself in your chosen one you will ‘Sh*t Yourself Rich’.”

Jeremy had the following to say about the successful day: “It’s been another brilliant day out with the Hawkstonians. The food and music have been great. And of course, Hawkstone lager and Kaleb’s cider have been flowing all day.

“We also took the opportunity to launch our new vodka, made from the best wheat from my farm.

“Everything produced under the Hawkstone brand name is authentically made by hard-working farmers using local ingredients – the Hawkstone slogan is ‘hard to make, easy to drink’ and we are all here celebrating that.”

Fans of the presenter will be happy to hear that another episode of The Grand Tour is on its way with a road trip through Europe next on the list as Jeremy, accompanied by Richard Hammond and James May, travel from Poland to Slovenia on a 2,000km Grand Tour.

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