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Piers Morgan Responds To Being Branded “Jeremy Clarkson Tribute Act” After Poorly Reviewed ‘Uncensored’ Interview

Piers Morgan has reacted to being compared to Jeremy Clarkson as his new show, Uncensored, was reviewed very poorly. Named a “Jeremy Clarkson tribute act”, the presenter and journalist turned to social media to vent about the comparison.

Morgan’s first episode of Uncensored featured an interview with former US president Donald Trump where they discussed cancel culture. But once he’d read the review, he took to Twitter to respond where he brings up the 2004 incident between the two presenters where Jeremy punched Morgan.

“UPDATE: The Guardian review says I’m a ‘Jeremy Clarkson tribute act’.

“Given my long-time respect and admiration for @JeremyClarkson (when he’s not punching me in the head), his fierce intelligence, razor-sharp wit and rakishly handsome looks, I take this as a massive compliment!”

The review by The Guardian, begins to describe Morgan, saying that if he “were a nightclub bouncer, he would try to start fights”, but as he begins the review, starts with:

“OK then, you preening pugilistic publicist, let’s see what we can do.”

Of course, things only go down hill from here as the writer Mark Lawson puts down Piers’ ability to interview without butting heads.

“This splenetic soliloquy also showcased the weakest part of his broadcasting persona.

“The Jeremy Clarkson tribute act revealed when he is allowed to speak uninterrupted for too long.”

The review assigned two stars to ‘Uncensored’.

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