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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Diddly Squat Farm Arrivals – “They Are Psychopaths”

The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has taken a bold step and introduced 30 goats to the Diddly Squat Farm.

Despite warnings about their erratic nature and his dogs’ fear of them, Clarkson’s aim is to keep the farm’s bramble problem in check. He notes that the goats have adjusted well to their new surroundings. In his own words, as penned in his column for the Sunday Times:

“I was advised by Cheerful Charlie that they are psychopaths. My dogs, for some reason, are terrified of them and I too have a healthy respect, as they will often head-butt me in the testes.”

To avoid potential escapes, the former Top Gear host has installed two electric fences, designed to give a mild shock.

Clarkson reveals the goats’ uncanny ability to transform rough terrain into a surprisingly neat landscape. He commented:

“The fact is, though, that in two days they’d turned a rough bit of ground into what looked like a cross between a croquet lawn and a porn star’s lady part.

“They hadn’t escaped and they hadn’t made a smell. And if you wear a cricket box when you’re in there with them they are actually very playful.”

While these goats join the company of cows, pigs, and sheep, they have quickly become a peculiar but entertaining addition to Clarkson’s farm.

Although there is still a wait for the third series of the hit farming show, it is anticipated that the new arrivals will feature on the Prime Video show.

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