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F1 News: Valtteri Bottas Disqualified And Forced To Start From The Back Of British Grand Prix

Alfa Romeo F1 driver Valtteri Bottas has been officially ruled out following the British GP qualifying round at the famed Silverstone Circuit, due to the teams inability to produce the mandatory fuel sample.

Bottas, who initially held the P15 position, now finds himself facing disqualification and will have to kick-start his race from the rear end of the grid. This unexpected turn of fortune propels Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, who previously couldn’t break through Q2, to start at P15.

Alfa Romeo F1 Press Image

The stewards released an official statement concerning the matter:

“A 1.0 litre sample of fuel could not be provided. The Stewards heard from the team representative of car 77 (Valtteri Bottas). The car was unable to provide the required fuel sample. There were no mitigating circumstances.”

They continued:

“The Stewards have received a request from Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake to allow Car 77 to start the race. The Stewards therefore grant permission to Car 77, Valtteri Bottas to start the race.”

While the consequences were already anticipated for Bottas under these conditions, the official penalty was pending confirmation from the FIA, which has now been formalised. So, Bottas will begin the race from the back instead of his original fifteenth position.

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