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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Fans Urinate On His Drive As Diddly Squat Farm Gains Popularity

Jeremy Clarkson has had a number of setbacks on his Clarkson’s Farm journey and unfortunately, there does not seem to be an end to this. Clarkson revealed another incident with the farm where visitors were a “bl**dy nuisance” by urinating on his driveway.

The first season of Clarkson’s Farm was a huge success and shortly after its release, Prime Video announced to happy fans that there would be a second series. The next series wrapped up filming earlier this year and is now in the editing process. Although no release date has been announced yet, it is expected that we can see the next series in early 2023.

Since opening the Diddly Squat Farm, fans have been queueing for the farm shop sparking many complaints from local residents.

Clarkson described this incident in particular at a local residents meeting in Chadlington, Oxfordshire and later took to his social media to confirm the meeting had gone well.

One fan posted:

“@JeremyClarkson good luck at your meeting this evening.”

The Grand Tour host responded:

“It went very well, thank you.”

It is reported that Clarkson agreed with the other local residents that he hoped the “enormous crowds” would soon disappear and that some of the visitors had been “a bl**dy nuisance”. He reportedly said:

“They like to come in and wee on my drive.

“I am just as keen as all of you to try and manage the situation.”

With fans eagerly waiting the second series of Clarkson’s Farm, we have put together everything we know so far of what we can expect from the show, which you can see here.

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